What is Gelatin definition/concept/elaboration

It is a substance, more specifically a protein , produced in the food industry from the bones, skin and connective tissues of some animals, more particularly cow and pig. Gelatin

It can be achieved through collagen hydrolyzate, which is a process that transforms animal skins and bones through a treatment of filtration, demineralization, concentration and drying. Its composition is as follows: 80% protein, 1 or 2% mineral salts, the rest being simply water.

Gelatin is a solid, odorless, colorless and tasteless substance. To prepare it there are two options: in leaves or in powder.

Uses of gelatine and its health benefits

Although this substance is used in the manufacture of photographic paper and also in the coating of some medicines, it is in the food industry that it is most used. In this sense, it is an easy dessert to prepare, which can be combined with sour fruit, ice cream or milk.

This food has come into fashion in recent years, as it brings a series of benefits to our body: it strengthens bones, teeth and hair; helps lower cholesterol; It is especially a good ally to strengthen the joints, as it helps with the synthesis of collagen in our body. On the other hand, this food contains lysine, an amino acid that serves to strengthen the muscles and the immune system . For all these reasons, gelatin is very popular on the menus of schools and hospitals. Nutrition experts claim that 10 grams of gelatin a day produces a significant improvement in bone and tissue regeneration.

A food highly valued by athletes

Sports practitioners generally know that nutrition is essential for good physical performance. Many athletes consume gelatin because it contains a lot of protein and no fat . This characteristic makes it advisable to consume it to gain muscle mass, prevent injuries and perform rigid training sessions.

How can we prepare a gelatin dessert?

The basic ingredients are as follows: hot water, cold water and gelatin of the chosen flavor.

In its preparation, just follow a few simple steps:

1) heat a cup of water in a container for approximately two minutes;

2) after heating, add powdered gelatin and mix until dissolved;

3) add a glass of cold water to the container and continue stirring;

4) pour all the mixture into a mold and place it in the refrigerator until it cools. When it is definitively solidified, it will be ready to be consumed.

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