SME accountant and need for an accountant with best time to hire

SME accountant

In this article we will provide you the information about SME accountant and need for an accountant with best time to hire.

Accounting help in managing a business is an important investment to ensure its financial health and compliance with all the laws defined for each type of business , and this is also true for small businesses. In other words, micro and small businesses need an accountant or the support of an accounting firm.

Starting a company is a process that accompanies a series of doubts on the part of entrepreneurs, who must make important decisions for the company to start in the best possible way.

When we talk about professional entrepreneurs, those who formalize their professional activity by becoming MEI, Individual Microentrepreneurs , this journey can become even more confusing, since despite being a simplified modality, they will be alone throughout the process.

Not relying on the help of an accountant can be a shot in the foot when making important decisions and make it difficult for the company to scale up in the future. Fortunately, it is now possible to hire an accounting online , combining the importance of having an accountant with the facilities and the best price of a digital service .

Thus, although the law does not oblige the Individual Microentrepreneur to have an accountant to assist in their processes, the practice is highly recommended – especially if there is an interest in the development of the company in the long term.

SMEs and the need for an accountant

In the case of SMEs, Small and Medium Enterprises, we already understand that an accountant is necessary. To begin with, companies opting for the Simples Nacional in these modalities are conditioned to have an accounting consultancy to operate in a regular manner.

It is important to remember that Simples Nacional is a tax system aimed at small and medium-sized companies , which is highly advantageous for these companies by offering a simplified model in terms of the amount and form of payment of taxes.

Although it offers many facilities in the fiscal management of a business , Simples Nacional requires the involvement of an accountant to ensure that the project is being done correctly, and this can be done either by hiring a professional who works internally in a company. as in hiring the online service, which we have already mentioned.

Despite being mandatory, the presence of an accountant is highly recommended in any case, and this becomes more visible, especially when the entrepreneur acquires a broader view of the importance of the professional, going far beyond compliance with the law and the collection of taxes .

A good accountant must assist the company in all financial and strategic decisions , also have a broad view of the business and be able to act alongside the organization throughout its existence. Some of your obligations may involve:

  1. Tax planning.
  2. The analysis of the company’s performance.
  3. Risk management (here we can include 3 fronts: labor, tax and legal).
  4.  Compliance with laws and payment of taxes due.
  5. Keep all company documentation well organized.
  6. Make it easy to get credit – as finances will be up to date.
  7. Constant accounting update.

With all these resources made available by this professional, it is difficult not to see the cost/benefit of being able to count on accounting assistance in any organization.

The greater the complexity of your business model, the greater your need to have an accountant help you and even closer to your company, and by complex we can also involve companies with a large number of employees, for example.

Can I do accounting for my own company?

A very recurrent question involving the participation of an accountant in an organization’s investments is the possibility of the entrepreneur himself, or one of his partners, exercising the function on their own.

The short answer to the question is yes you can.

But here we wanted to ask the question in another way: Should you do this?

The start of an organization is important and without a doubt, entrepreneurs seek the maximum cost reduction to make the long-term sustainability of the business possible, and this awakens the culture of “DIY” , or do it yourself, as it is the process more economical for most activities.

But as an entrepreneur, think about the amount of activities and responsibilities that you are already preconditioned to simply by leading the organization and reflect on how the help of an accountant would be helpful so you can focus on what really matters while gaining insights and advice. professional for the accounting area.

Also imagine that if you are not a professional in the area and certified for such activity, the chances of your company suffering from crises involving accounting errors are very high , and as the tendency of every company is to grow, the more this occurs, the less time you have. will have to dedicate himself to the accounting area.

As an entrepreneur, invest your time in what you do best and consider outsourcing some essential tasks such as bookkeeping , so you will have more time to take care of all the others and will be able to count on qualified help for such an activity and it will reduce the probability of tax errors.

When is the best time to hire an accountant?

Now that you understand the importance of having an accountant in your company, know that he should be one of (if not the first) professional or service to be hired, as this way he can help you with the important decisions during the process of opening.

The professional will show the company all its operating alternatives, as well as the most recommended for the start, and will know how to point out the best moments to carry out other strategic actions.

As online accounting is a viable option , it is wrong to say that the service is expensive or tax it as an expense, as it offers all the added value, which makes it an investment.

In addition, good accounting organization can serve as an indicative parameter for good management in cases of problems such as lawsuits against the organization , serving as legal protection to partners.

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