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The term Disney is internationally known and is associated with children’s fantasy and the world of entertainment. It is a company leader in the sector of media communication founded in 1923 in Hollywood, when the film was still not sound and animation films were a real rarity. The name of this multinational comes from its founder, Walt Disney.

A character with lights and shadows

There are several biographies about Walt Disney. In most of them he appears as an animation pioneer and as an entertainment visionary . His characters Snow White, Peter Pan, Bambi, Mickey Mouse and Dumbo were taken to the movies and became icons for children around the world. Disney

From a business perspective, Walt Disney was a classic self-production man who started out as a modest designer, but within a few years founded the company that bears his name by launching one of the most famous animation theme parks in the world, Disneyland. In the history of cinema it has a special role, since it introduced technicolor, invented the multiplane camera and most of its animated films were a box office success.

Despite its image associated with success, in some biographies it highlights its dark side

In fact, it is said that Walt Disney worked in the service of the FBI to deactivate the union movement in the movie world. In his private life, he suffered from the excesses of alcohol, obsessive manias, and a visceral aversion to Communists.

According to some investigations, he hid his true identity, as he was not actually born in Illinois, in the United States, but in an Andalusian city in Spain. There are all sorts of urban legends about him, but the most particular says that his corpse was cryogenically frozen and will be brought back to life when science is able to raise the dead.

Some data of interest

Disney world is currently a multinational with a wide range of products: theme parks, television channels, video games, movie studios and production companies. In 2017, the company acquired a large part of 21 st Century Fox for an amount in excess of $52 billion.

The Disneyland park in California is one of the most visited places in the world, as it exceeds 15 million tourists each year. Some of the films produced by this company were commercial successes, especially “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” in 1937, “Beauty and the Beast” in 1991 and “Frozen” in 2013.

Some international brands are integrated into Walt Disney Studio Entertainment, such as Pixar, Marvel, Blue Sky Studios, ESPN and Fox.

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