What is Demand definition/concept/elaboration

Some words are understood only within specific coordinates. The context in which they are used is crucial when it comes to understanding them. This is what happens with the demand concept.

In economics there are two terms that are related: supply and demand (demand)

The set of goods or services to be sold forms the offer. Consumers’ desire to acquire a good is related to demand, that is, demand. Both concepts are related in such a way that when the price of a product decreases, its demand increases. Consequently, the quantity demanded of a good or product depends on the evolution of the price.

According to economists, the interaction between supply and demand is done spontaneously as a natural process of economic activity , where the participation of a control mechanism is not necessary . When, in colloquial language, it is said that an article is very sold, it means that it is in great demand.

In the world of law, a demand is a legal action against someone

If a person feels harmed for any reason, he or she can present a document to a judge (an application), with the intention that the legal authority will order redress. The one who files a claim is the plaintiff and the person who participates as the defendant is the defendant (the one who has the right to defence). When the criminal action against someone has a criminal character, another legal term is used (the complaint).

In both cases, the law sets out a series of prerequisites, conditions and responsibilities. We know that this type of petition is not always accepted and it is relatively frequent to read or hear that a lawsuit was not declared, usually because it did not meet any of the requirements established by law.

When a person or a group expresses a grievance to society, it is customary to say that there are a series of demands

These are petitions motivated by some discomfort. In media communication appears often demand some groups that are disadvantaged for some reason. This type of action involves claiming and expressing a desire to improve circumstances that are assessed as negative. It is also common to use the concept of social demand , not as something specific to a group, but as a set of all citizenship.

In another sense, when an individual does not have a job, but intends to work, we speak of someone looking for a job (a demand), in the same way this concept is used in general to indicate a group of people who follow the search for a job.

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