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Chastity is a behavior of temperance that an individual takes over control of sexual acts and pleasures .

The word chastity derives from the Latin castĭtas , which refers to “chaste.” Among the synonyms that can be used to refer to chastity are the words honor, purity, modesty, decorum or virginity. The opposite of chastity is called lust, sensuality or impurity.

Chastity also refers to the abstention from sexual appetite that couples must have before marriage .

However, chastity is an attitude that people can take freely and independently as a fundamental part of their lives. These individuals stand out for having solid integrity by maintaining their posture and, putting sexual desires before other important activities that are important for personal development.

This attitude can be considered as an example that people are able to control their carnal desires by focusing on other important areas of their lives, thus avoiding debauchery and promiscuity.

On the other hand, chastity has a different connotation if it is treated based on what is stipulated in the various religious beliefs, in which it is usually imposing.

For Christians, chastity is a virtue possessed by people capable of controlling their sexual desires and raising their spiritual energy.

That is, the chaste person in Christianity is one capable of dominating their will, feelings, intelligence, decisions, integrating their sexuality, in order to act responsibly and without hurting others.

Chastity is the domain and knowledge of our being , taking care of morality, living prudently, being faithful to our feelings and to those we love.

For its part, in Islam chastity refers to both male and female virginity, which must be maintained until marriage. Those who do not comply with this degrade their social status.

More about Chastity

It is about the repression of sexual desires , by humans, either to maintain the necessary virtue, imposed by religious organizations, or to remain faithful to a partner or promise. It is a topic of great importance in society and in religion; Different versions of what being chaste really means have been taken: some say that it is total abstention from performing sexual acts and others say that it is even appeasing even the slightest desire to want to carry out impure events.. There are different rules, according to Christianity, for people who are waiting for marriage and those who are already in it; the former should avoid sex, thus they would be keeping their morals and honors intact, however, for the latter they should not be intimate with individuals other than their spouses .

All these rules promote, in some way, the spiritual growth of practicing individuals. Despite all this, of the main reasons that gave way to this series of laws, the one imposed by the Catholic Church stands out , whose central theme was the subtle control of priests , monks, deacons and subdeacons. This was not for more, but rather that they felt an obligation to be full-time related to the spiritual life and help desperate souls. The lack of family and the fact of not having to provide financial assistance to other subjects apart from the same member of the church, made chastity an effective measure.

Other religions, such as Islam , take chastity as a fact of the utmost importance and according to the laws they profess, men and women who are not virgins before marriage or commit some form of adultery must receive punishment. On a social level, chastity today is not seen as such an important element; Basically, the sexual freedom that began in the second half of the 20th century evolved until it became a common and widely accepted practice.

A brief historical summary

In Greek mythology the goddess Artemis practiced sexual abstinence, therefore she was single and chaste

The legend of Artemis is usually evaluated as a way of understanding sex, that is, a sexual inclination that is not promiscuous and based on the individual’s integrity .

In ancient Roman religion maidens were priestesses who had to be virgins and of great beauty . They practiced the vow of chastity in order to devote themselves exclusively to sacred rituals.

From the standpoint of Christianity, chastity means that the sexual inclination must be controlled and therefore the person must master his impulses in order not to become a slave to carnal pleasure. From this perspective it is evident that among the seven deadly sins lust is the antithesis of chastity.

Chastity is not a virtue associated exclusively with the Christian tradition, as it is also practiced in Buddhism as a way to reach light and avoid attachment.

vows of chastity

The vows of chastity are those that are accepted and must be fulfilled by those who wish to voluntarily dedicate their life and love to Jesus Christ. It is a commitment that seeks to set an example that the greatest love that exists is that of God.

Those who are part of the Catholic Church acting as priests or nuns are people who faithfully commit themselves to the vows of chastity and, in which the prohibition of marrying or living as a couple is expressed.

Chastity belt

An iron harness with a lock, whose shape resembles that of a panty or female underwear, is known as a chastity belt. In the past, these chastity belts were placed on women in order to prevent them from having sexual relations and thus take care of their virginity.

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