Traits of a good lawyer By the court duty Free justice etc.

A lawyer is a person who is responsible for legally defending another in a trial taking into account the interests of the client. You are committed to diligently and effectively rendering your professional services. In this article we will impart you the Traits of a good lawyer.

In other words, what is a lawyer? A lawyer is a person trained in law by a university degree and prepared to be able to defend a person who requires his services in all legal areas.

The lawyer is prepared to defend in social, administrative, criminal, civil and commercial jurisdictions, although he can specialize in only one and be an expert in said jurisdiction. In addition, you can also advise your client in different areas without reaching a technical defense in court, as well as participating in extrajudicial agreements that your client wants to reach.

Traits of a good lawyer

We now analyze the main characteristics:

  • Having a lawyer is a right of everyone, since everyone has the right to be defended in court through legal assistance.
  • Having a lawyer is a guarantee of a fair trial and without arbitrariness, since he will always look out for the interests of his client.
  • The attorney has a duty of confidentiality to his client.

In the process to have a lawyer when a person has to face a trial there are three ways to hire his services:

  • By the court duty: Some people will not want to hire a lawyer so they go to the court duty, where a lawyer will be appointed since it is mandatory that they have legal defense. They will charge their respective fees.
  • Free justice: Lawyers are professionals who must receive their respective salary as they carry out their work, which means that certain people do not have the resources to face the expenses of a legal defense such as that of the lawyer and for them this figure exists , where they obtain a lawyer without having to pay them since they do not meet minimum income levels. With this figure of free justice, the right to legal assistance and a fair trial is guaranteed, since, if it were not the case, people with fewer resources would be left adrift and knowing that they would not have the opportunity to defend themselves in a trial. .
  • Free market or free appointment: Any person can choose any lawyer, as long as he accepts the case and the client agrees to take charge of the fees demanded by the lawyer. Thus, the professional who gives the client the most confidence can be freely chosen. It will never be possible to agree not to charge for the lawyer if he loses the trial since his services are of “means” and not of “results”.

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