What is Legal Personality definition/concept

Personality legal is a right area of the concept itself and an essential element within all the legal rules governing the organization of a society or a state .An individual or a group has legal personality for the simple fact of existing. This means that it is basically an abstract concept that expresses the recognition of the human being as a free individual and who is not subjected to slavery in any way. Consequently, all persons who are not slaves have legal personality.

This concept serves to explain the legal acts, as a legal act is always carried out by a person legal.


It expresses the right of union or association of individuals. For this right to be possible, a series of requirements or conditions must be fulfilled. In this sense, the area of ​​law refers to the attributes of legal personality. These attributes of legal personality are applied to individuals or legal entities. Thus, the attributes of an individual are legal capacity, name, domicile, nationality, assets and marital status.

The person moral or legal has the following attributes: ability, denomination or reason social , domicile, nationality and heritage. In this way, the exclusive attribute of the natural person is the marital status and all the others are linked to the legal or legal person.

In addition to these specific attributes of one type or another, what is important are the obligations and rights that arise from the recognition of a certain legal personality.

The legal personality of the state

The state as a form of social, legal and political organization has its own legal personality. The main characteristic of the state is the limitation of the power it has over citizens and, at the same time, its responsibility towards the collective.

It is understood as the set of rights and obligations that govern the actions of a given state. It should be noted that the state interacts with individuals and entities that also have their own legal personality.

The state is a legal person under public law and its regulation is determined by the constituent and a series of secondary laws. The state has a recognized legal personality because it can compel citizens to comply with the laws and, at the same time, because the state itself is obliged to comply with those laws.

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