Structure of the Old Testament with books

Structure of the Old Testament

In this article we will provide you the information about the Structure of the Old Testament. First part of the Bible.

The Old Testament is the first part of the Bible, which is made up of a series of books or segments . Although the Old Testament name is accepted for the first part of all Christian Bibles, they differ in the number of books and content: the Catholic Bible has 46 books, the Protestant 39, and the books of the Orthodox Bible are 51.

This first part represents all the books of the Bible before the birth of Jesus , that is, before the beginning of the New Testament . Thus, it gathers stories about the lives of the patriarchs and prophets , as well as the creation of the world, the history, traditions and beliefs of the Jewish people before Jesus Christ.

The Old Testament was written between 1400 and 430 BC. C. , mainly in Hebrew, although some small parts were written in Aramaic and some books of wisdom in Greek.

In addition, it has multiple literary genres, including stories; norms, precepts and laws; prophecies, with visions and oracles, and proverbs or sentences. It also contains some lyrical or poetic texts.

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The Old Testament consists of the following structure:

  1. Pentateuch: narrates the creation of the world and the origin of faith. His books, the first 5 of the Bible, are Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.
  2. Historical books: they tell the history of the Jewish people from the death of Moses to the rebellion of the Maccabees against the Hellenes. There are 16 books, from 6 to 21.
  3. Wisdom or sapiential books : poetic and wisdom books that narrate issues of education in faith and relationships with God. There are 7 books, from 22 to 28.
  4. Prophetic books : books in which the arrival of the Messiah is prophesied. The books of the prophets are divided, according to the length of the texts, into:
    1. Major Prophets, 6 books, from 29 to 34.
    2. Minor prophets, 12 books, from 35 to 46.

Old Testament books

Not counting the apocryphal books, which are disputed according to Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant canons, the 46 books that make up the Old Testament  are as follows:

Number Name
1 Genesis
two Exodus
3 Levitical
4 Numbers
5 Deuteronomy
6 Joshua Book
7 Judges Book
8 Ruth book
9 1st book of Samuel
10 2nd book of Samuel
eleven 1st book of Kings
12 2nd book of Kings
13 I Chronicles
14 II Chronicles
fifteen Book of esdras
16 Book of Nehemiah
17 Tobias Book
18 Judith’s book
19 Book of Esther
twenty I Maccabees
twenty-one II Maccabees
22 Book of Job
2. 3 Psalms Book
24 Proverbs
25 Ecclesiastes
26 Song of songs
27 Book of Wisdom
28 Ecclesiastical Book
29 Book of Isaiah
30 Jeremiah Book
31 Book of Lamentations
32 Book of Baruch
33 Book of Ezekiel
3. 4 Book of Daniel
35 Book of Hosea
36 Joel’s Book
37 Book of Amos
38 Abbeys Book
39 Book of jonah
40 Book of Micah
41 Book of Nahum
42 Book of Habakkuk
43 Book of Zephaniah
44 Book of Haggai
Four. Five Book of Zechariah
46 Book of Malachi

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