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Specific adjectives with examples/Examples in sentences

Specific adjectives

The specific adjectives are adjectives that limit or require the noun they are modifying, indicating a quality or characteristic that identifies and differentiates it from others. Specific adjectives with examples

These adjectives coincide in gender and number with the noun they distinguish. For example: “I need the brown shoes .” When mentioning the color, exclude black or white shoes. “He wants to try on the shorts”, indicates which is the pants, of all those that there are, the one that wants to try on.

Unlike explanatory adjectives, specifiers usually come after the noun and this position can change its meaning. It is not the same to say “a poor man” as a ” poor man “.

The specific qualifying adjectives are the most common and frequent in the language we speak every day. If it is eliminated, the grammatical meaning of the sentence is lost, and the noun the character that distinguishes it.

Examples of specific adjectives

The red book

The narrow street

Old shoes

A new car

The big tree

Dirty house

The small shirt

The french boy

White roses

The waning moon

The wide cup

The elegant suit

The tall boy

The slim girl

The big guitar

The hot night

The lame wolf

Evil enraged

Examples in sentences

  1. It was a gray afternoon and a great storm was expected .
  2. Javier wants the blue shirt for good luck.
  3. They don’t want to ride in the old car .
  4. Manuel took the red book , believing it to be a detective novel .
  5. The dark-haired girl is Carmen’s niece and she is a wonderful student .
  6. I was looking for a ripe avocado at the grocery store.
  7. We need the thick wire to make a good installation.
  8. It was a large ship entering the bay, a Danish freighter .
  9. Mine is the phone small , of great scope.
  10. We are looking for a new place for the burger joint.
  11. Laura brings her younger brother to the concert.
  12. Find an organic deodorant and a scented candle .
  13. The red moon was in the center of the sky.
  14. We needthick pencil for that stroke.
  15. Helena wants to mount the spirited horse and ride through the green meadow.
  16. It was a hot afternoon , even for summer.
  17. My father was an old man , very advanced in years.
  18. The boys want the big hamburger .
  19. Luis is a reserved guy with indiscreet people .
  20. We will go up the steep path to the longed-for summit.
  21. We take the short path to the small village. Specific adjectives with examples
  22. Ronda is the red-haired girl standing on the terrace.
  23. We want to walk through the old city and sit in a traditional canteen .
  24. They are looking for the ancient mangoes of the island.
  25. We can bathe in the long beach and swim in its transparent waters .

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