Project management tools list with The 13 most used project management tools

Project management tools

Here on this section we will provide you the Project management tools list with The 13 most used project management tools.

Project management tools are aids to make it easier for an individual or a team to effectively organize work and manage projects and tasks. The term usually refers to project management software that can be purchased on the Internet or even used for free .

Project management tools list

Below is the list of 8 project management tools best known and used by workers around the world! Follow us to understand which one is best for your project.

1.  Artia

Artia is one of the most complete project management tools on our list. Its functions include: financial control (comparing estimated cost with actual cost), employee hours recording system , performance reporting , kanban , and much more. All this in an intuitive interface, facilitating the work of everyone involved.

The great advantage of Artia is that it has the Pomodoro technique : working time methodology that allows you to divide the effort into 25-minute times and 5-minute intervals, increasing productivity.

2. Slack

Slack promises to centralize all your company’s communication through chat and file sharing software. It is widely chosen for project management because it allows you to organize conversations through channels , so you can chat with the stakeholders of each project. Project management tools list

Slack allows integration with other tools such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Like Artia, Slack has a free version and paid versions for companies that need more sophisticated functionality.

3.  Podium

Complete tool to manage the work of companies, Podio is also one of the best project management tools. It organizes deadlines , tasks and files in one place.

Through Podio, everyone involved in the project can see what is being planned , in progress and completed . Podio also provides several filters to check, for example, the deliveries that a single person has made.

Another very interesting function of Podio is to store the history of old projects so that they can be used as a reference of what went right (or wrong). This project management tool has a free version for up to five employees and paid versions for larger companies.

4. Asana

Asana brings together various features for managing projects such as kanbanassigning tasks to participants and displaying project progress statistics . But its big difference is in the timeline view of the schedule : it has an interface that shows the progress of each activity as a function of time, allowing you to navigate through the days and see what each participant is responsible for doing.

Through this schedule, participants are clear about which tasks need to be done to trigger others . The software is free for small businesses and offers paid packages for larger businesses.

5. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a collective collaboration platform for companies. It has 35 tools within the software, such as: CRM, telephony, HR management, chat, video calling and, of course, project management .

For project management it presents a complete kanban that includes an “in approval” column for tasks that need moderation and generates reports for each activity so that the manager can see how much time each employee spent on each stage of the project.

The main difference of Bitrix24 is that it allows you to assign the expected workload of each participant in the project, helping to compare planned vs. performed and the checklist function , which allows you to mark in a list what has already been completed and have control over what still needs to be done. done. Project management tools list

As well as the other project management tools mentioned, Bitrix24 also has a free version (for companies with up to 12 employees with storage limit) and paid packages for larger companies.

6. GanttProject

We’ve arrived at the only completely free software on our list. The GanttProject is free software, that is, the user can adapt some functions according to your needs. It basically serves to manage the schedule of a project . Its functionality is based on the Gantt chart , an old technique that serves to illustrate the tasks of a project , predicting time intervals and dependence between activities.

This tool allows you to convert results to PDF and HTML. It’s not cloud software, but it’s compatible with the main operating systems in circulation: Linux, Windows and iOS.

7. Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is the project management software from technology giant Microsoft . It is one of the oldest project management tools on the market: its first version was released in 1985!

The interface of this software is similar to Microsoft Excel , so it can be very familiar to those who already use the famous Microsoft spreadsheets. It also uses the Gantt chart as a way to organize the project schedule and allows you to assign tasks to participants.

Microsoft Project only offers paid plans that vary according to the needs of each company.

To learn more about Microsoft Project usability, visit our Tips for Using Microsoft Project 2013 e-book .

8. is a project and task management software, focused on people management . It has the traditional project management functionalities: cost forecast, Gantt chart, task management, but with the objective of controlling the work of the people involved.

It calculates registered and allocated hours of participants, assigning roles to everyone involved and generating performance indicators. does not have a free version and there are few options among paid packages. Project management tools list

9. Hibox

One of the most communication- focused project management tools , Hibox has several features to help teams that need to exchange various information : group and individual chat, file sharing and video calls.

When a task is assigned to a person, they are automatically alerted to it, preventing communication breakdowns. One of Hibox’s differentials is having a support chat always available to help the user with any difficulties that may arise.

10. Wrike

Wrike is a project management software focused on creation and development teams . The great advantage of this tool is that it allows the editing and management of files within the tool itself , facilitating collaborative work.

Another great advantage of Wrike is that it allows communication between participants of the same project through mentions with @, the same scheme used by social networks such as Instagram and Twitter. This software has a free version and paid versions according to the field of activity and the size of the company.

11. Operand

Project management software for creative teams , Operand has all the necessary features to help creative teams, such as: linking with other media, quotation of materials for production, feed with everything that is being developed and the possibility of hosting files from various formats, centralizing all team communication.

Operand has a fixed plan that supports unlimited number of simultaneous projects .

12.  Jira

Jira is another case of project management tools focused on a specialty: software development projects . It has frameworks based on Scrum methodology and also on kanban.

Jira generates agile, real-time reports on team performance and completion-to-delivery percentage. Its great differential is having its own methodology to search for projects within the platform, ideal for developers, testers, managers and customers. Project management tools list

13.  Trello

One of the most famous project management tools in the world, Trello uses a scheme of lists, cards and boards to organize activities within a project . It basically works like a kanban and its main advantage is the ease of moving tasks between project lists.

It has a free version with limitations and paid versions for companies that need more elaborate functionality, such as uploading large files, permission system between participants and the possibility of customizing the software.

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