Innovative ways to attract talent/10 innovative ways

Investing in a more intuitive application process and valuing your employees are some of the tools to attract and retain good talent. In this article we will provide you the Innovative ways to attract talent.

How to attract talent ? The answer to that question is a thorn in the side of many organizations. Enchanting and retaining the best professionals for each vacancy is a game with many rules and competitors. Any miscalculated move can throw away the efforts previously expended.

Being successful in recruiting talent requires marketing strategies, employer branding , a well-designed recruiting funnel and a lot of empathy. However, few R&S processes know how to use this type of ammunition in the war for talent.

If you don’t want to be left behind in this competition, be sure to check out the action steps that can streamline your R&S process. Read the tips carefully and plan the execution of all the proposed stages. Prepare your organization to attract the attention of the best professionals!

10 innovative ways to attract talent to your company

It’s no secret that recruiting and retaining talent is critical to an organization’s success. After all, an organization is only as strong as the collective talent of the people who work there. But attracting and retaining the best is becoming an increasingly intricate task.

According to a survey by the PwC consultancy , hiring qualified professionals is more difficult in the current scenario than before the pandemic. The war for talent became even fiercer for 52% of Brazilian CEOs and 62% of global leaders.

They point to the shortage of qualified personnel and changes in the skills needed to perform new jobs as the main motivators of this professional blackout.

As already mentioned, it will not be easy to mine data and find the right person for the position in your organization, but there are ways that can lead you to attract and retain talent with few resources. Want to know how? See the advice we separate:  

1. Create A Passive Talent Pipeline

It’s not always easy to find active talent. Therefore, your recruiting strategy must include passive candidates. Just because a talented individual isn’t knocking at your door doesn’t mean he shouldn’t know more about your organization. 

Find ways to build relationships with passive candidates before they consider looking for a new position. To do this, draw out the ideal candidate’s career goals, learn what motivates them, and then provide a clear picture of how their career can thrive in your organization.

2. Be Active On Social Media

To attract passive candidates, you need to devise a good recruitment marketing strategy that goes through social media activations.

Provide valuable content on the platforms these talents frequent. Show how much your organization values ​​people, whether they are collaborators or consumers. With a good employer branding strategy on social media, you will likely accumulate good resumes in the vacancies opened by the organization.

3. Advertise What Makes The Organization Unique

To differentiate your employed brand from the competition, show what makes your culture special and unique. One of the most authentic ways to present this to candidates is to give the floor to those who know the organization best: the employees.

Whether through video testimonials or impactful phrases with photos, let your organization’s employees guide other candidates through an informal tour of the company’s DNA. Just by doing this, your organization will advance a few spaces in the recruitment game.

4. Stand Out

People want to work (and do business) with companies recognized for their good labor practices. Earning third-party trusted employer recognition, such as a Great Place to Work award , is an indication that your employees believe in your organization, that the people who work there feel they are part of the business.

Receiving this type of award is also an excellent way to strengthen your employer brand, which is helpful in attracting and retaining top talent.

5. Plan An Employee Referral Program

The employee referral program is a great recruiting strategy in which the company encourages current employees, through rewards, to refer qualified candidates for positions in their organizations.

Your workers understand the type of candidates you need to hire, after all, they know how the company culture works in practice. Consequently, this makes employee referrals a more assertive recruiting tool, resulting in reduced recruitment costs, lower turnover and faster hiring.

6. Invest In A Plural Workforce

Having employees of different races, creeds, ages and genders spread across all levels of the organization is something the best talent appreciates.

As an employer, it is important that you showcase diversity and multiculturalism in your organization . Companies that encourage plurality in the workplace inspire their employees to deliver beyond what is requested, generating more profit for organizations.  

7. Make The Application Process Quick

Nothing makes a potential hire go away faster than a complicated job application process. Just put yourself in the candidate’s position: imagine spending more than 20 minutes answering questions that are probably already answered on your resume. It’s not practical at all, right?

The best candidates will certainly not want to work at a company that does not value their time. In addition, a long and drawn-out hiring process can also damage your employer brand image, as many candidates report the bad experience they had on social media.

8. Organize An Open House

How about opening the doors of your organization to potential new candidates? Let professionals experience your organization up close and personal by hosting an open house event . At the opportunity, in addition to the candidates getting to know the physical environment of the organization, they will also be able to exchange experiences with people who work in the company.

In times of remote work, it is also possible to hold a virtual version of the event, with a digital tour of the company and chats with employees.

9. Create A Great Candidate Experience

The process of attracting talent to large companies goes beyond the application or interview itself. It is essential to give candidates a positive view of your company throughout the entire process, including hiring and onboarding.

A positive experience ensures that your organization lives up to expectations and can lead to positive reviews on recommendation sites like Glassdoor.

10. Considerations That Should Be On The Recruiter’s Radar

In addition to all the tips listed here, there are other classic considerations for recruiting talent, including:

  • offer a good compensation and benefits package;
  • make it clear what the opportunities for professional development are in the organization;
  • announce what the incentives are for training and developing new skills;
  • offer non-monetary benefits aimed at work-life balance;
  • disclose what are the main challenges that the new hire will face.

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