Profiler its 4 behavioral profiles and advantages


The Profiler is used by people management professionals to understand the behavioral profiles of employees, in order to learn more about their team and their motivations.

Can you imagine a tool that can identify your employees’ skills, assemble high performance teams, develop, improve and transform your company’s people management? I present to you Profiler, a tool that traces the behavioral profile of your employees.

The Profiler, used by HR professionals and managers, aims to map competencies, skills and behavioral characteristics of an organization’s employees.

The mapping, with 97% accuracy in identifying profiles, provides more than 50 pieces of information about the profile of employees and candidates.

Through this tool, it is possible to trace behavioral profiles and identify qualities and difficulties that can directly impact the organizational climate and the work environment. But where did this tool come from?

Where does it come from? 

Profiler is a technology based on the DISC methodology and seven other behavioral theories.

The tool was approved by UFMG, USP and FINEP. As previously mentioned, Profiler is 97% accurate in identifying profiles and delivers a behavioral assessment with more than 50 pieces of information in 5 minutes.

Through it, managers and HR professionals have complete reports that show from situational indices to positive and negative points of each employee. In addition to showing your skills.

The Profiler’s main objective is to transform a company ‘s people management , because with the behavioral profile, employees will have more self-knowledge and managers will be able to carry out development plans based on the qualities, difficulties and competences of each one.

With all this work carried out by managers and HR, the trend is for employees to become increasingly engaged with the company, making the environment harmonious and providing a stronger organizational culture .

It is important to know how each employee adapts and how to work with him, because each one has a different behavioral profile from the other. These profiles even impact the leadership style that each manager assumes.

What are the 4 behavioral profiles?

As mentioned throughout the text, each person is different from the other, whether in characteristics, skills and adaptations in everyday situations.

The Profiler will deliver concrete information on how each profile reacts to different situations and how you can develop it.

There are four behavioral profiles, namely: communicator, executor, planner and analyst. Below, you will understand a little more about each one!


The main value of the communicator profile is connection. You tend to be a very active, outgoing and vain person. It is a great company and very communicative. This profile likes to be seen, recognized and to be present wherever they are.

They do not like routines or monotony, they prefer jobs that have a lot of movement and that involve interpersonal contact, that is, they adapt very well to teamwork. They work better and are more agile in harmonious environments.


The executor profile has as main value the speed and the result. If your desire is to motivate an employee with this profile, give challenges to be solved.

They are very active and dynamic people, showing determination and willingness to learn and show the results expected by managers.

They tend to be natural-born leaders, so they are not afraid to take on great responsibilities and face difficulties.

They tend to be very competitive, so in teamwork, this profile needs to be careful not to want to stand out in front of colleagues.


The planner profile has linearity as its main value. People with this characteristic are calm and like routine, they need harmonious environments to work better.

One of the main motivators of this profile is a well-defined planning, because in this way, they can follow the established norms and rules.

They like to work surrounded by active people as they are very empathetic and relational. They feel motivated when they are recognized for their work and they deal very well with critical and risky situations.


Quality is the main value of analysts . This profile is quite sensitive, which leads to being quite artistic.

They tend to be strict and demand a lot from themselves, as they always want to deliver the best. This leads them to be a bit pessimistic.

People with this profile observe opportunities and present solutions. They are very committed and loyal to their work and deliver on their deliverables.

They are discreet, calm, intelligent and have an ease with more detailed and analytical tasks.

What are the advantages of Profiler? 

Now that you understand what Profiler is and behavioral profiles, it is important to know how it will help your HR to manage people more effectively. In addition to transforming your company’s people management, Profiler will bring other advantages. See some of them below:

  • optimization of analysis through technology;
  • accurate information and data of its employees;
  • real situational indices;
  • building a solid base of relevant information about the teams;
  • easy location of each data;
  • measurement of data, monitoring and creation of strategies.

In addition, with the Profile it will also be possible to generate plans for the development of competences of the company’s employees. In this way, increasing team productivity and company results.

During the recruitment and selection process, the profiler can be applied to attract new talent to your company.

By mapping employees and candidates, HR will be able to cross-reference the skills of high-performance professionals with potential candidates, thus discovering the ideal profile for the vacancy.

More strategic decisions, training, development, stronger organizational culture are some of the many benefits of implementing Profiler in your company.

HR, through it, will leave the feeling and make decisions based on concrete and effective data.

Now that you know what Profiler is, how to analyze your employee’s behavior and its advantages, how about discovering their behavioral profile and getting to know in practice how the tool can change your people management?

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