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Predicative verb with examples in Sentences

Predicative verbs

In this article we will elaborate the predicative verb. We can define in a general way a verb as a grammatical category that is part of a sentence. Through verbs we can express the actions carried out by a subject, their condition, their achievement, their existence or the state in which they are.

Thus within this type of words we can find different categories , such as:

  • The copulative verbs : the copulative verbs are; be, be and seem . These, by themselves, do not imply an action, but tend to function as a link between the subject and the attribute, pointing out some of its characteristics. We can see it clearly in this sentence: Miguel is tall. The verb to be functions here as a union between two parts of the sentence, specifically the subject and the attribute , which in this case shows us a characteristic of the subject.
  • Predicative verbs : here we find the rest of the verbs.

In this case, we want to focus on what are predicative verbs. These are those words that serve to express an action, a process or a state that has been carried out or supported by a subject.

Predicative verbs have full meaning and show actions carried out by a noun. In other words, verbs of this type have lexical content and always express a complete idea. Let’s look at an illustrative example of a predicative verb in the following sentence:

Miguel bought muffins at his neighborhood bakery.

In this case, the verb buy is predicative, that is, it has a complete meaning, it indicates who has performed the action, that is, the subject.

Examples of predicative verbs

As we have already pointed out, it is easier to know what copulative verbs are, than to learn a complete list of verbs that are predicative. Here are some examples in sentences so you can easily identify them. We will show them in bold so that you have no doubt what they are and clearly see their functions within the sentence.

  • Ana immediately went down to the street.
  • did that drawing last year.
  • My brother lives in Andalusia.
  • The man has left his car on the second floor of the supermarket parking lot.
  • Antonio talks to his mother about what happened to him at work.
  • Carmen knows a lot about that topic.
  • You will have surgery tomorrow afternoon at the hospital.
  • I have solved the problem without help.
  • Alba will be back early this afternoon.
  • Carmen and I travel to the mountains every summer.
  • Angel lives life his way.
  • Esther said goodbye.
  • That boy runs with his dog through the garden.
  • We ate very well in the restaurant.
  • have n’t slept at all.
  • He walked in the park on winter afternoons.
  • I have three colored tables in the loft.
  • Alberto failed the driving test again.
  • Estefanía has participated in several marathons.
  • The truck transported all the furniture from the move to the new house.
  • The car was blocking the way in the middle of the road.
  • He has n’t come home yet.
  • I’ll let you know when I call.
  • That man ripped off the old man
  • She had been watching him for years.
  • Beatriz returned from her trip to America on Friday.
  • We got something special that night.
  • They moved the furniture in the living room.
  • They planned a very entertaining excursion for all the elementary school students.
  • Moisture rusted the screws on the patio door.
  • Manuel would like very much to navigate your boat on the lake.
  • The baby was crying in his crib.
  • The water boils at 100 degrees.
  • You have always judged him as a criminal.
  • Before he has kissed him in a very affectionate way on the forehead.
  • The stars shine high in the sky like tiny incandescent bulbs.
  • The entire entourage crossed the ramshackle wooden bridge.
  • Children collect superhero stickers.
  • Pilar has created an ingenious hydraulic system.
  • The group will record their video clip next February.
  • His house stands out from the rest of the ones in the neighborhood.
  • Marina desperately waited for a signal.
  • The ship inevitably sank in the rough waters of the sea.

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