Online recruitment advantages and disadvantages and Importance and How make

What is online recruiting?

Here we will provide you the information about Online recruitment advantages and disadvantages and Importance and How make.

Online recruitment, also known as electronic recruitment or e-recruiting, is part of the personnel selection process and its objective is to identify possible candidates for companies or organizations using different resources on the Internet and applications such as social networks.

This human talent management strategy allows companies to improve their visibility and effectiveness by disseminating their job offers, becoming one of the most popular recruitment methods today.

An additional advantage of online recruitment is the ability to conduct simultaneous assessments and psychometric testing online , streamlining the interpretation of results.

The Importance of Social Media to Online Recruitment

Social networks have a large participation in several jobs. Therefore, for online recruitment it would be no different, as the promotion of vacancies can be carried out through company profiles or in groups of specialized professionals.

In addition, social networks have necessary information about a candidate for a job vacancy, such as previous references, testimonials from colleagues and also indications of affinities with the corporate culture. This data can be used for pre-screening, for example.

What are the advantages of online recruitment?

The use of technology to optimize the process of recruiting new employees is capable of providing numerous advantages for companies that choose this option. Below, we’ve listed some of these benefits.

1-lower costs

When compared to normal recruitment and selection models, processes conducted via digital media tend to have lower costs, which is a great attraction for their implementation.

All the necessary structure to screen and analyze candidates is replaced by digital systems, many of them automated. This eliminates many intermediaries from the recruiting process, resulting in lower costs across the company.

2-greater reach

One of the greatest achievements of the internet is to democratize communication, making it possible for your message to reach many people, through a few clicks. Therefore, online recruitment can impact a larger number of possible candidates with a profile compatible with your vacancy, which increases the chance of success of your search.

Furthermore, processes made with virtual steps eliminate (or at least reduce) geographic barriers. As it is not necessary to be present at the company’s headquarters to carry out the necessary selection steps, this makes room for candidates from other locations, who would not participate if the process required physical presence.

3-More agility and productivity

Another advantage of the internet is that it streamlines processes. Just think: it’s likely that a vacancy advertised in the morning will have many responses within a few hours from candidates who can already start going through the next stages of screening.

Within the human resources sectors, this digitization represents a significant gain in productivity, as many manual processes are eliminated and candidate analysis can be done much faster and with less chance of misunderstanding.

4-More information about the candidate

Does your company consider LinkedIn for recruitment and selection ? With online processes, it is possible to go beyond traditional sources of information about the candidate and group data from different sources, such as portfolios and personal pages, which will more reliably support decision-making.

What are the disadvantages of online recruitment?

However, before you definitively embrace online recruiting, you also need to think about its drawbacks. We list the most frequent complaints below.


When conducted remotely, and with the intermediary of machines, an online recruitment process can generate an air of impersonality between recruiters and candidates. To minimize this, be careful with the language used in communication and always leave contact channels open, responding to requests received in a timely manner.

2-Unfriendly platforms

Also ensure that the platforms used in the processes are user-friendly and simple to use. In addition to fluid and intuitive navigation, the information provided must always be up-to-date, to guarantee the candidate a good experience during their participation in the selection process.

3-high number of responses

The line that separates a good number of candidates from an exaggerated volume of applications is very fine. A flood of candidates can make selection difficult and create too much work for HR. Therefore, include filters in the application form, to prevent people who do not have the profile of that vacancy from registering.

Finally, in addition to weighing the disadvantages and advantages of online recruitment, consider whether it is the most suitable way to look for new employees for your company. Understand how hiring is currently done, whether the change will have a positive impact on the business routine and whether the employees responsible for this are able to use this new selection method. If well planned, taking these aspects into account, any change tends to have more chances of success.

How to make a digital recruitment?

Now, see a step-by-step guide to ensure a good recruiting.

1-Have a strategic plan

When thinking about investing in online recruitment, the first step is to define a strategy to ensure the success of this step. For that, some questions should be considered:

  • which professionals do I want for the company?
  • where can i find these people?
  • how will these candidates find out about this vacancy?
  • What will I assess in this first step (resume, portfolio, test results)?
  • what is the next step after submitting the application?

Establishing recruitment objectives and planning how it will be carried out is critical to the success of the process.

2-Define the channels that will be used

An important filter of the type of professional that will be attracted during the selection process is the chosen dissemination channel.

The prior definition of channels, according to the ideal person, is what guarantees a more assertive and quicker recruitment. In this sense, it is essential to observe the degree of training and experience of the candidate you are looking for in order to correctly guide the construction of the vacancy.

3-Monitor profiles online

Posts people make to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn also contribute to a preview selection. In this case, embarrassing photos and prejudiced comments, for example, can indicate behavioral trends that are not interesting for the company.

Therefore, try also to take the time to consult the groups that these professionals follow, which demonstrates their interests and inclinations. Thus, it is possible to find a professional with curiosities that can add a lot to your day-to-day work.

4-Know how to manage the company’s social networks

Just as it is possible to filter candidates by profiles on social networks, professionals do the same when looking for a place to work. So, take good care of your company’s platforms .

To do so, try to respond to the messages received and publish content that demonstrate positive aspects of the routine within the corporate environment. Also, pay attention to the language used, remember that it must reflect the organization’s values ​​and posture.

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