Human resource management tools with 13 examples of tools

Human resource management tools

Human resource management tools are technological solutions, mostly of the Saas type ( software as a service ), that facilitate the automation of HR processes. H H. Its implementation is already a priority in many Human Resources departments and this is indicated by the KPMG study “The future of HR 2022”, which shows that 39% of HR directors. H H. They consider the automation of the provision of human resources services to be one of the most relevant issues.

In this article, we’ll give 13 examples of management tools that help HR consultants deliver higher quality services. The list of HR consulting tools is organized according to the different applications of each throughout an overall consulting process. Check out!

13 examples of Human resource management tools

Below are 13 tools of Human resource management.

1. Performance evaluation

The performance evaluation is a tool that every company needs to take to have a more efficient personnel management. Since it is responsible for analyzing the results presented by each employee in a given period and can help assess issues in the relationship between people and even with external agents, depending on the methodology adopted.

The methods most used today are:

2. Behavioral assessment

The behavioral assessment is a methodology that considers issues related to how people tend to behave in front of different situations. In this sense, it allows employees to be evaluated more accurately, considering the particularities of each behavioral profile.

It is an excellent tool to better understand the decisions made by each professional and know how to deal with them in the organization’s day-to-day activities.

3. Matrix 9 box

The Matrix 9 box is one of the most complete HR consulting tools focused on diagnosis. This people management tool allows you to visualize the relationship between the delivery potential of each employee and the performance presented by them in a given period. It helps to identify which people need to be developed, which are ready to move to the next level, and which ones don’t fit the company’s needs and therefore need to be replaced.

4. Weather survey

In most cases, the contracting company does not know exactly what is happening, as managers just “feel” that something is wrong. In this sense, the climate survey is one of the most used HR consulting tools, as it allows the assessment of the current scenario of relationships between people in a clearer and more impartial way, identifying the problem and, mainly, its origin.

5. Ishikawa diagram

Companies look for an HR consultancy to solve some type of problem, which can be the difficulty in finding good professionals, in knowing how to develop them, or even how to efficiently retain talent .

Whichever the case, the Ishikawa Diagram or Cause and Effect Diagram is an excellent tool to assess the situation. It includes the problems perceived by the organization and, from there, the possible causes to be investigated are listed.

6. People analytics

People Analytics is an indispensable concept, especially for recruitment and selection consultancy and people development consultancy. It is based on the collection and analysis of data about professionals to make more accurate and strategic decisions for the business. With the help of People Analytics, the HR consultant is able to better reason with managers and implement changes more easily.

Change Implementation Tools

After doing all the gathering of information and analyzing the problems and their causes, it’s time to move on to solutions. To solve any type of situation, it is inevitable to implement changes, but this must be done in an organized way, following methodologies that help guarantee the success of the undertaking.

Check out some management tools that help in this phase.

7. GUT matrix

The GUT matrix (Severity, Urgency and Trend) is a demand prioritization tool whose main objective is to organize the activities to be carried out in order to ensure that the most serious problems are the first to be resolved.

The matrix is ​​mounted on 5 columns:

  1. list of tasks or problems to be solved;
  2. severity level, ranging from 1 to 5, with 5 being the most severe;
  3. level of urgency, ranging from 1 to 5, with 5 being the most severe;
  4. level of tendency that the situation has to worsen if not resolved, ranging from 1 to 5, with 5 being the most serious;
  5. result of the multiplication of the three previous factors.

As such, the items with the highest results should be executed first.


The PDCA is a continuous improvement tool that involves the entire development cycle of a process or business. To do so, follow the following phases:

  • P – Plan (plan): preparation of action planning;
  • D – Do (do): execution of the plan;
  • C – Follow up (check): follow up on the implementation to ensure that everything will be done as planned;
  • A – Evaluate the results (act): evaluate whether the achieved result was what was expected or not, whether there are unexpected effects that need a new solution and what learnings can be shared.

9. 5W2H

Despite looking like alphabet soup, 5W2H is a tool that makes managing an action plan in an HR consultancy very easy. It is a table that can be assembled in a simple spreadsheet, containing the list of actions to be developed organized in the following columns:

  • what (what): what is the action to be performed;
  • why (why): what is the reason for this action;
  • where (where): in which channel, tool, sector, process or location this action must be performed;
  • when (when): on what date, time or moment it must be done;
  • who (who): who is the person responsible for this action;
  • how (how): how this action should be performed;
  • how much: how much it will cost to perform this action.

10. Job and salary plan

The job and salary plan is a tool widely used by HR consultants in strategies that involve the professional development of employees. In this sense, it allows for a more comprehensive and precise view of the paths that each person can follow within the organization and serves as a basis for the elaboration of each one’s career plan.

Still, it is important to highlight that the job and salary plan is one of the most valued points by professionals in the market. Consultants who work in the hunting area know very well how this becomes an important differential in attracting the best talent.

11. Training matrix

The training and development processes in an organization are primarily responsible for the evolution of the business. After all, there is no point in investing in the most advanced technologies if people are not properly developed to use them.

In this sense, the training matrix is ​​a tool that allows for the management of employee development, providing an overview of the situation of each employee and in each area, as well as guidance on courses and training that should be offered in the medium and long term.

Results Tracking Tools

The work of an HR consultant does not end after implementing changes. In fact, this is a routine activity, which requires constant monitoring to maintain good results and prompt identification of problems and opportunities for improvement.

In this context, there are several ways to keep control of processes, among them, we will highlight the two most frequently used in HR consulting.

12. Kanban

The kanban is a Japanese source tool that has as main feature the display of the status of ongoing activities in a project or in a simple and practical way sector. It is based on the distribution of tasks in a table with the following columns:

  • to do;
  • making;
  • waiting;
  • done.

Thus, it can be done using post-its with the description of the tasks and placing them in the column referring to their current status. Thus, everyone who has access to the board is aware of the progress of activities without relying on colleagues to obtain this information.

13. Cash management

The visual management framework is another type of visual tool that makes life easier for managers and the entire team. It is a framework where key business information is placed, in order to allow everyone to keep abreast of everything that is happening in the company.

In general, the board is attached to the notice board and the company’s organizational chart , in a place with a large number of employees. Thus, it can bring information such as the target beacon of the main sectors, sales results for the last period and a general kanban of the most relevant projects.

As we’ve seen, there are many HR consulting tools to help us provide excellent customer service. Then, assess which ones make the most sense for the type of assistance you want to offer companies and deepen your knowledge to become a professional in demand by the market.

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