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When it comes to technology, what was once inaccessible to many companies has now become a necessity to achieve business goals, such as HR tech .

With the popularization of access to the internet, systems and electronic equipment, candidates have developed a new behavior in relation to their careers, such as looking for a job much faster and more comprehensively, investing in professional development via online courses and even knowing more about the companies they hire by looking for information on the internet.

The human resources department must be prepared to meet this demand, in addition to taking advantage of these technological resources to improve its work.

In this article, you learn more about HR tech, what are its characteristics and the benefits it provides to companies.

What is HR Tech?

Basically, the concept of an HR tech is defined by the use of technological solutions to optimize the activities and processes of the human resources department and improve people management .

A company can be an HR tech or have a department dedicated to it. For this, the team can count on several tools, such as recruitment and selection platforms , digital media channels and management software.

This concept is a two-way street, serving both organizations and candidates. Using selection processes as an example, candidates often look for job opportunities through emails or job postings on social media and on career pages previously published by companies.

Thus, in order to maintain a competitive position in the job market and be able to attract the best professionals, companies need to be aware of HR trends, integrate into this digital environment and know how to take advantage of solutions to manage their demands.  

What are the characteristics of an HR tech?

Being an HR tech doesn’t just mean using technological resources, it’s about a mindset change that must occur in teams.

These professionals need to understand the importance of technology for the sector, understand that a more dynamic work model contributes to achieving results with greater agility and assertiveness.

Some habits should be part of this team’s routine, such as: 

  • prioritize the optimization of activities;
  • focus on employees’ experience in the work environment;
  • defragment bureaucratic processes;
  • integrate data and processes.

What are the benefits of having an HR tech?

Constituting an HR tech sector brings a series of benefits that contribute to the success of an organization. Check out the main ones below:

More Efficient People Management

The technology applied to HR takes people management to a more efficient level. With the use of Artificial Intelligence , Big Data and People Analytics, it is possible to analyze the behavior of employees, satisfaction rates, measure results, productivity levels, among others.

With the data in hand, the team is able to better outline the objectives and strategies for the sector, work on issues that need to be improved and leverage the strengths.

In general, the measures contribute to other human resources metrics, such as the increase in talent retention, the employee satisfaction index and the decrease in turnover.


As tasks are automated and optimized, operational processes are completed with greater agility, such as time and payroll control, for example.

As a result, the HR team is able to reduce human errors, which are very common when it comes to handling information, and gain more time to devote to more strategic activities.

Optimization Of Selection Processes

Imagine how slow the selection processes would be without technology? With the help of an R&S platform , the recruitment steps are conducted more efficiently.

The screening of the CVs and profiles of the best candidates can be done with the use of Artificial Intelligence, ensuring greater assertiveness in the choice of professional. 

Within a single platform, it is still possible to apply online tests, communicate with candidates in an automated way and extract reports to analyze the results of the process.

This technology can also be used in internal recruitment or when there is a need to restructure teams, identifying, from their functionalities, whether the employees in question have the desired profile or not to occupy the position.

Cost Reduction

When adding up all the advantages mentioned above, it is clear that another benefit of technological HR for companies is cost reduction. With the more agile teams, thanks to the help of the tools, they become more productive, reflecting in profits for the companies.

In addition, the optimization of recruitment and selection ensures more assertive hiring, reducing turnover and, consequently, expenses with new selection processes, hiring and dismissals.

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