How to be a nice person 15 Tips to achieve the goal

How to be a nice person

Social relationships are full of found feelings and what is pleasant for one person can be a reason for discussion for another. In fact, how many times do we smile in a situation that doesn’t actually bring us happiness? How do we react the first time a stranger greets us? These situations show us a common aspect of everyday life, however, not all of us react in the same way to unforeseen events. For this reason, while living in the company of other people, it is normal to adopt certain strategies and plan how to achieve a good self-image. After all, this will be our cover letter in social circles. In this article we will provide you 15 practical tips How to be a nice person?

There are no magic bullets, but we can develop some methods to make a good impression.

15 practical tips How to be a nice person?

Below are 15 tips how to be a nice person

To smile

In general, people usually see the smile as a sign of empathy and kindness , in addition to being one of the most important gestures that human beings have. For this reason, going to social gatherings with a smile will be a good way of generating a pleasant image of yourself to others.

To listen

Simply listening can make the people we interact with feel more understood. In some social areas, however, people do not listen, as they consider their problems to be more important. This will prevent sincere communication with other people.

In summary, listening calmly and paying attention to what the other person wants to say is a fundamental quality that you must take into account when creating good social relationships.

show yourself humble

Humility is another of the most valued characteristics in a person, as it is usually synonymous with respect and consideration . For this reason, it is convenient to appeal to her if you are wondering how to be a pleasant person.

Emphasize social bonds

Showing an interest in fostering a social bond can be taken as a sign of appreciation for people . However, it is important to carry out this emphasis from solidarity and understanding, leaving aside selfishness and arrogance.

offer help

People often have to face problems that are difficult to solve. Faced with these facts, certain inconveniences usually appear when it comes to establishing strong and lasting bonds over time. For this reason, showing predisposition towards other people’s problems is generally valued by people and can help you to be pleasant.

Show flexibility in the face of proposals

If someone presents an idea on a specific topic, it is important to show a degree of flexibility in front of it despite not agreeing on all its points. Rigidity often translates as a display of misunderstanding and lack of empathy, but flexibility will allow you to create greater social bonds .

Talking about topics of interest to others

If we have a prior idea about the people with whom we share an event, another good way to be nice is to take their interests into account, as this will produce more fluid communication . In this way, asking questions that are not invasive is also an important aspect to favor communication and social relationships.

keep a good image

The image we show to other people is our presentation in life. Therefore, taking care of the physical appearance and body hygiene will help to differentiate the valuable qualities of each one. It is true that factors such as the aesthetics of each person influence here, it is important to remember that the first impression is always produced through the eyes.

Speak in understandable words

Although this may seem like a minor thing, it is true that some people use words that may not be shared by their listener. When this occurs, it is likely that communication is not so fluid and distancing or discomfort may occur.

Therefore, it is convenient to take into account the context of each interaction and use clear and understandable vocabulary during the conversation.

appeal to sincerity

Many people try to surprise or impress others using words and gestures they don’t use very often. However, this is not sustainable in time, since in the future personal aspects that are contrary to those shown above may arise. For this reason, it is important to be honest and show yourself as you are, without resorting to lies to fit in.

Respect different opinions

It is possible that when talking about topics that can lead to very different opinions and points of view, roughness may occur in social interactions. However, it is important to bear in mind that respect for the diversity of opinions is crucial to being pleasant.

ask open questions

Some questions lead to concise and closed answers that do not allow a fluid dialogue. However, there are other questions that allow you to better develop the answer and that can let the conversation develop. Likewise, asking open-ended questions can be seen as a sign of interest in the other person.

However, it should be noted that one should not resort to personal issues that cause discomfort if there is no reciprocal trust.

use subtle gestures

Gestures are part of human language. When people speak, they don’t just use words without also introducing gestures into their sentences. However, the exacerbation of gestures in social situations can be seen as unnatural. For this reason, gesturing in moderation and making subtle gestures is a good way to accompany the verbalization and be pleasant.

Look in the eyes

Many people feel respected and valued when we look them in the eye, as this is a sign of attention and consideration that seeks to generate genuine interest. However, it is important to alternate the direction of gaze so that it does not become invasive.

Highlight the strengths of others

Praising people around you will help you form bonds that last over time, as long as they are done with respect and when the context does not make them uncomfortable or unnecessary. In this sense, you can choose to highlight aspects of the person you are talking to, such as, for example, their intelligence, kindness or another condition that is relevant.

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