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Civil War (1861 – 1865)

The battle of the North against the South. Two regions of the same nation are divided by different areas, economic, social and political. Such is the irritation between these estranged communities that the unity that had remained until then is threatened, since each group warns that if the differences are not resolved, a secession or complete separation of one of them from the territory could be carried out. national, until finally it is carried out. How long was the civil war?

South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia, among other states, separate from the Union, to start what was called the Civil War. What could have been so serious that this was achieved in a country that had remained completely united until now? Would the country’s presidency play an important role by then? Learn more about these and other details in the development of this document.

When and where did the Civil War take place?

The terrible civil-military altercation that arose, took place for the then contemporary era , from the unified separation and the very rapid adjacent creation of the Confederation of the States of Latina, specifically during the years that go from 1861 until 1865 , which is equivalent to the sum of four difficult years of battle for this country. It began to have its combat front, not in a specific space or territorial area but rather that the contest was given on the terrain that was merely corresponding to the United States of America , because as we mentioned at the beginning, they were not fighting with another enemy more than themselves. How long was the civil war?

Who participated in the Civil War?

Among those that we can call the main parties that fought in the Civil War were, on the one hand, the southern states of the United States , who made economic use of agriculture, the cultivation of sugar cane, cotton and other manual jobs. that implied the appropriation and purchase and sale of people as slaves for said heavy work and, on the other hand, the northern states of the country who were characterized by having a much more diversified economic stability than the previous ones. In the north, preference was given to European labor and they were governed by democratic and Bulgarian forms of production. How long was the civil war?

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It is also necessary to mention President Abraham Lincoln as another of those involved in the battle because he came (after being elected president) to take sides in the war by becoming a partner or participant of those who were against slavery who it was practiced in the southern part of the nation.

Causes of the Civil War

From early times, in colonial times, the differences in ideological interests that had repercussions in the commercial, social and political sphere of the United States of America played an important role because these discrepancies were taken as one of the main reasons why the huge struggle of the Civil War was reached. However, there were also other things strongly linked to the fact, below we mention them, they are:

  • The discontent on the part of those who longed for the abolition of existing slavery in the states of Kansas, Nebraska and others, as opposed to President Franklin Pierce who favored or approved and in turn encouraged the spread of slavery throughout the United States.
  • The revocation or invalidity of the votes made against slavery in 1856 because a greater number of inhabitants of the population were reluctant to accept and respect that decision of the rest of the inhabitants, thus causing the Secession. How long was the civil war?
  • The collision or clash of regional interests . The rocky and productive land, together with the warm climate that prevailed in the south of this country, made agriculture and planting of food and other products such as cotton feasible. The negative was that production was being exploited with the slave system, on the other hand, in the north of the region a super industrial life was being carried out that abolished and disgusted slavery more and more.
  • The dissatisfaction of the southern states of the United States with the presidential election of President Abraham Lincoln .


The Civil War is one of the longest and bloodiest armed conflicts in the history of the nineteenth century, so we can only expect sad consequences such as a large number of deaths. How many specifically? Find out in the development of the final results of the match. These are: How long was the civil war?

  • The reunification of the United States of America as part of the territory of the United States and not a separate or separate nation . This contributed to the total uprising of the nation in the world.
  • The affirmative abolition, prohibition and revocation of any form of slavery in the national territory .
  • The continuing beginning of racial denigration and prejudice and the poor social integration of blacks .
  • The stage of the acceleration of the economic developments of the country and the age of the machine . This is due to the mechano-scientific contributions with steam ships , machinery for harvesting seeds, the machine for dismantling cotton, elevators, sewing machines, weapons, railways , the telegraph and many interesting and important innovations. and practices for streamlining a large number of mechanical jobs.
  • The south loses power and political influence with the rest of the world countries .
  • The battle gave rise to the development of heavy weapons, battleships and submarines , some of which were also used at the time, because of this and the enormous violence, the unfortunate loss of many citizens was caused, approximately 600,000 lives disappeared. How long was the civil war?
  • The death of Abraham Lincoln in 1865 at the hands of a Southerner.
  • About a third of the army that ruled the south was exiled .
  • The creation of racist groups, the kukuxklán, an organization in favor of black skin .


Coming to the point to determine the winner of the confrontation, it is not difficult to identify him. Without a doubt the victor was the north , clearly and determinedly the south was defeated. Why? Because it has been taken into account that the Confederate States of America or the states of the South never came to be officially recognized as legitimate, therefore they came to remain as a region that due to its way of life was weak and exposed, lacked the support foreigner, as for example, that of the French and Anglo-Saxon nations that so badly needed. How long was the civil war?

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In addition, they did not have under their power any type of material resources or weapons superior to those used by their enemies that would help them or allow them to have a greater possibility of winning by fighting against the north, a group of citizens who, being more innovated, were prepared and even armed with the best equipment of the moment.

On the other hand, the northern part of the United States obtained a greater expansion throughout the national area due to its effective industrialization and at the end of the war it saw each and every one of its objectives fulfilled, among these: 1) the reunification of nations and 2) the culmination or end of slavery that existed in the south.

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