Giving feedback to employees its types and advantages

Giving feedback to employees

Giving feedback to employees is a type of assessment carried out with groups of employees or individually about their actions and achieved results .

It can be positive when the employee or team has an excellent performance , serving to encourage them to seek better results.

Or it can be a negative feedback , when the person evaluated does not achieve the expected result, being also essential to reorient the employee.

Even though companies know the importance of carrying out various types of feedback with their employees, to ensure the proper functioning of the team, many of them still do not know how to provide feedback to employees correctly.

Feedback is a truly efficient communication tool and should be beneficial to both sides . While the company can take advantage of improving the performance of its employees to grow. It is also necessary that those in higher positions are also prepared to listen to criticism and recommendations , as well as adopt the new ideas of their employees.

How does the feedback process work in your organization? Do you know the best method on how to give feedback to employees? Check it out below!

What types of feedback?

To know how to give feedback to employees, you need to know that it can be positive or negative . This will depend on the result of the different types of performance evaluation applied by the company, which will determine the potential of certain actions of the employee.

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When the feedback is positive , the person responsible for the transfer must show the employee their achievements and results . It is important for the person to know they are on the right path , feeling motivated to continue.

The negative feedback also has a key role in the evolution of his team . Although more complicated, requiring greater subtlety, it must be passed on to those involved.

negative feedback is given when the employee has not met expectations of the company and established targets . It serves to alert the employee that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. This is essential so that your posture does not interfere with the team, making it less productive .

What is feedback culture?

The market is constantly evolving and consumers are increasingly demanding. Because of this, companies need to keep up with changes to be strong and competitive.

Keeping qualified employees,  talent motivated and productive has become a complex task . Therefore, it is important to encourage a system of evaluations to encourage the evolution of employees.

The feedback culture is when the practice of giving feedback to workers about their actions and results is recurrent, that is, an activity intrinsic to the corporate routine .

It is essential for the company to achieve the best way to give feedback. This culture is important to:

  • maintain the quality of communication within the company;
  • ensure the maintenance of personal and professional relationships and the organizational climate .

This is essential to ensure that employees are always looking for new methods to ensure the improvement of their actions and performance.

What are the main advantages of this culture?

To learn how to provide feedback with employees, corporations need to bet on this culture. In this way they are able to promote a healthier working environment .

Employees now have a better view of the company , seeing the interest it has in their well-being at work . See  below, its benefits:

  • Transparency: Eliminates internal gossip and possible feelings of persecution. All employees know exactly what the company thinks of them;
  • Dialogue: by having this model of culture, dialogue between leaders and subordinates allows for more efficient conflict management . After all, it is always aimed at the development of both the employee and the company;
  • Development: being periodically evaluated ensures that the employee can develop their skills, managing to grow and improve the company’s results;
  • Overcoming: Another great advantage of feedback is the encouragement it can provide to employees. They get used to criticism and learn to look for the best ways to overcome it;
  • Recognition: in addition to evolving as a professional, employees are now recognized and valued by the company.

How to give feedback to employees? [Step by step]

So that they don’t assume a pejorative character and are misinterpreted by employees, it is crucial to know how best to give feedback.

This process requires subtlety and you must follow some precautions in your step-by-step to be assertive.

Here’s the best way to give feedback to employees:

1. Create a plan

Reaching the time for feedback without any preparation can disrupt the process and make employees not take your assessment seriously. Therefore, it is necessary to plan .

To save time, you can keep a spreadsheet up-to-date on the important points that should be mentioned during the conversation, creating a productive meeting .

So, before starting the process, review the points that should be said for each employee.

2. Make the weather milder

Many employees are nervous at this point. Therefore, to follow the best way to provide employee feedback, you must create a favorable initial climate and speak calmly .

While it’s best to get straight to the point, try to use a bland tone so you don’t sound like a scolding. And don’t forget to also talk about the contributor’s positive points , rather than just listing their bad results.

3. Be sincere

As unpleasant as it is to point out the mistakes of fellow workers, this is essential.

The best way to give employee feedback is to tell the truth , but in a subtle way. Likewise, recognize the employee’s virtues so that he does not become an unmotivated employee and, on the contrary, can strengthen his skills.

4. Talk about the good points first

Starting with good news always helps prepare employees to receive negative feedback as well .

So start the meeting by saying what you think is good about your skills and attitudes and how they can help the company.

5. Give real examples of good performance

To reinforce the points covered in the feedback, it is necessary to exemplify.

The best way to provide feedback is to ensure that the employee understands that they are being noticed and recognized by the organization .

Therefore, look for concrete facts to show when he acted in the best way in certain actions.

6. Don’t forget the bad points

The key to finding the best way to give employee feedback  is finding a balance in the meeting to address the employee’s negatives.

You should approach the subject, talking about any mistakes made and how they can be improved.

Try to show that the company wants to help you develop your skills .

In addition to saying that your manager is available to give you advice and other indications, such as courses and training .

7. Create an action plan

It is not enough to dump various information in the employee’s lap. A better way to give feedback has an action plan designed to help employees .

Therefore, the main objective of feedback is precisely to point out solutions for possible failures.

Then, at the meeting, align with your employees what steps need to be taken so that they can overcome their difficulties.

Likewise, show him how the strengths he already possesses can fit into his improvement plans , as well as other skills he must develop so that he can grow even further.

There is no secret, the best way to give feedback is to prepare in advance for the meeting .

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