What is the difference between Sender and Recipient/comparison table

A sender is known as a person or organization that sends an email, a message, written texts in the form of letters or documents, attachments such as documents of any kind or, where appropriate, packages or letters by postal service. What is the difference between Sender and Recipient?

The person who receives what is sent by the sender is known as the recipient.

Within the communication channel, the sender is the sender of the message and the recipient is the receiver.

Comparison table What is the difference between Sender and Recipient?

Definition Person or organization that sends something to another person or organization.

The sender is not necessarily always a natural person; It can be a company, a service, an educational or other institution, etc.

Person or organization who receives something from another person or organization.
ID The sender can generally be recognized by the return address on the physical envelope or package. If it is email, the sender will almost always be at the top of the email or at the bottom.

The sender is not always identified (may be anonymous).

The biggest difference between sender and recipient is that while the sender can remain anonymous, the recipient must always identify himself.
Location If the sender is an individual, normally the data varies depending on the company or institution that is responsible for making the delivery. In general, data is requested that may include:

  • Name and surname of who sends,
  • Home address that must include state, province, region or city, country, postal code, etc.
  • phone number.
In order to deliver the package or document correctly, a series of data is necessary, which generally includes: What is the difference between Sender and Recipient?

  • Name and surname of the recipient,
  • your full address, with street number, interior number, state, city, province, state, region, country, postal code, streets, etc. It is recommended to include some reference that helps to locate the destination more easily, and
  • phone number.

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