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Difference between Genotype and phenotype in detail

Genotype and phenotype

The genotype is the genetic information that an organism possesses in the form of DNA, it presents variations and polymorphisms in its genes while the phenotype is the expression of the genotype based on the environment, it is made up of physical and behavioral traits. It was the Dutch botanist Wilhelm Johannsen who established the difference between genotype and phenotype by coining the term gene. Difference between Genotype and phenotype


The genotype is the genetic information of a particular organism represented in the form of DNA. It can present variations or polymorphism in its genes. It is used to determine the variations that exist in an individual. The genotype acts, together with the phenotype, on DNA. The genotype is the set of genes of an organism. All the information that is contained in the chromosomes is known as genotype, however, it may or may not manifest itself in the individual. Difference between Genotype and phenotype


The expression of the genotype in function of the environment is known as phenotype. Phenotypic traits are presented as physical and behavioral traits, it cannot be defined only as the visible manifestation of the genotype, because some characteristics that are studied are not directly visible in the individual, but inside, such as the presence of enzymes. So the phenotype is any observable characteristic or risk in an organism such as its biochemical properties, physiology, behavior, morphology and development. The phenotype is determined by the genotype. Some phenotypes can be determined by various genes and influenced by the environment.

Key Differences (Phenotype vs Genotype)

Basis for Comparison



Definition Phenotype is a term used in genetics to refer to all the observable traits in organisms as a result of the interaction of the genotype with the environment. Genotype is a term used in genetics used to refer to the genetic composition of an individual consisting of heritable genes.
Observable Phenotypes are observable traits that can be seen on the body of the organism. Genotypes are present within the chromosomes of the individuals and thus cannot be observed.
Inherited Phenotypes are not inherited. Genotypes are partly inherited from an individual to the offspring as one of the two alleles during sexual reproduction.
Consists of Phenotype consists of various traits like physical form and structure, its development and behavior, its biological and physiological properties, and even the products of the organism. Genotype consists of hereditary characteristics of an organism which may or may not be expressed in the next generation.
Affected by Phenotype is affected by the genotype of the organism and other environmental conditions. The genotype is affected by the genetic composition of the individual, which, in turn, is affected by sexual reproduction. Heritable mutations might also affect the genotype of the organism.
Relation The same phenotype may or may not be expressed from the same genotype. The same genotype always results in the same phenotype, unless heritable mutations.
Determined by Phenotypes can be determined easily by observing the organism. Genotypes are determined by the process of genotyping in various scientific methods like Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and RFLP.
Environmental factors Phenotypes are affected by environmental factors. Genotypes are not affected by environmental factors.
Changes Phenotypes might change during the lifetime of an individual like the color of the hair. Genotypes remain the same throughout the life of the individual.
Examples Examples of phenotypes seen in various organisms include the blood group, eye color, and hair texture as well as genetic diseases in humans, pod size and color of leaves, beak birds, etc. Examples of genotypes seen in different animals include TT as the homozygous allele for height, Tt for the heterozygous allele for height, and BB for homozygous allele for eye color.

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