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From the point of life of individual leadership and management in each sector, there are several ways to engage, motivate and retain the company’s talents, such as recognizing the results of each one and leading by example. But, and when the subject turns to HR, what is the role of this sector in attracting and retaining the best professionals? Corporate health insurance plans

Paying attention to the benefits offered by the company is one of the main alternatives. Know that, today, corporate benefits are as (or even more) valued as the offer of good salaries. And, in this aspect, the health plan is always among the preferred champions among employees.

Is it an exaggeration to compare the importance of benefits to attractive salaries? Well, throughout this article, we’ll show you how the market is changing and how professionals are more aware of the advantages that really make sense to them. Follow up!

What is a corporate health plan

The corporate health plan is a health plan contracted by the company for the benefit of employees and, generally, it is contracted by co- payment , in which the organization and employees share the costs of the service.

In other words: in most cases, the company pays the monthly fee and employees pay the fees when using medical services, such as consultations and exams. However, there are other plans, including those paid in full by the institution, and this is chosen according to the reality and needs of each business. Corporate health insurance plans

Why the health plan stands out among the most valued benefits

If, before going through the covid-19 pandemic, access to health services — including health insurance — led the research carried out with market professionals, during the crisis, expectations for the post-pandemic period are no different.

study carried out by a consultancy in Human Resources found that traditional benefits, such as medical assistance and health insurance, are among the most valued by professionals, with medical assistance being the most important corporate benefit for 77.8%.

Among the main reasons for this preference is the lack of access to health services , especially in relation to supplementary health. During the pandemic, the fear of falling ill and needing hospital care contributed to this service becoming even more relevant for professionals and their families.

Why your company should bet on health benefits

If, on the one hand, health benefits help in the daily lives of employees and represent savings with this type of service, on the other, companies also have several advantages. We’ve listed a few below.

It raises the competitive edge and reinforces employer branding

Have you noticed how not all companies offer health plans to their employees? This is because hiring good benefits, such as those in the health area, requires a high investment. So much so that the health plan is the most expensive benefit for organizations.

This is a competitive advantage and one that adds more value to the company in the labor market, improving its employer branding . When a professional has to choose between the most relevant company to work for, the one that offers good benefits will certainly come out ahead.

Increases company reliability

Do you know what the best companies to work for in Brazil have in common, in addition to attractive career plans and salaries? Good benefit packages. And the health ones are included in these portfolios. Corporate health insurance plans

Therefore, employees who have health benefits from the organization understand that this is a company investment in their work, well-being and professional development.

Improves productivity rates

Consequently, when workers believe in how much the company values ​​them and can count on the savings obtained from these benefits, they feel more motivated and engaged with the activities and are able to produce more.

What are the impacts of the health plan offer for employees

Previously, we said that health benefits are among the most desired by employees , right? However, despite having a relatively high cost, they cost less than switching employees.

The entire process of attracting and hiring talent is more costly than investing in good benefits and retaining those who are already on the team, as this involves costs such as:

  • negotiation of new salaries;
  • payment of labor rights such as INSS and FGTS for a new employee;
  • indemnities and fines with the contract termination process;
  • all the necessary procedures to publicize the vacancy, as well as the carrying out of dynamics and interviews. These are activities that, in addition to resulting in more financial expenses, also demand an expense of time.

First steps to hire the ideal health plan for your company

Did understanding the importance of health benefits in the lives of employees lead you to seriously consider hiring a plan for your team? Well, see what are the first steps that cannot be left out right now: Corporate health insurance plans

  1. Conduct an internal survey and understand the profile of employees and what their real needs are: there are many fathers and mothers, which age group is predominant, there are many women (here, you should take into account the hiring of specific plans for pregnant women), among other aspects;
  2. assess whether the company will invest in the co-participation or will it be possible to bear all the costs;
  3. see what will be the best coverage for service: national or regional;
  4. identify if there are many employees with chronic illnesses on the team;
  5. assess what will be the modality of inclusion in the health plan.

It is undeniable the value that corporate benefits — in particular the health plan — have for employees and how this positively influences the company’s image and the maintenance of healthy and more motivated employees at work. Corporate health insurance plans

But were you in doubt about how to make the right hiring for your business? You can always count on expert help to make this decision and find the ideal plan for your business.

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