Language and Linguistics

Scientific study of language.No communication,no Society

  • synchrony and diachrony

    Synchronous and diachronic Saussure believes that it is not possible to fully describe a language if this is done in…

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  • Linguistic Concepts

    Linguistics concept Linguistics is the science that studies language, as a form of human communication in terms of its codes and symbol system,…

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  • Photo of Linguistic Levels

    Linguistic Levels

    Linguistic levels Phonetic-Phonological Level Syntactic Level Lexical Level Semantic Level Phonetic-Phonological Level At the phonetic-phonological level it is a basic change influenced by…

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  • Photo of What is Linguistics

    What is Linguistics

    WHAT IS LINGUISTICS?   The concept of linguistics (term derived from the French word linguistique ) names what belongs or is related to language . This word…

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  • Characteristics of language with basic concepts

    Humans have developed throughout our existence numerous communication systems that allow us to operate in different circumstances, either by using…

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  • What is Language?

    A language is the language of a people or nation or of several peoples and nations. It has many Types of…

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