What is Salvation Army definition/concept

In the last third of the 19th century, the city of London presented important centers of marginalization and poverty. In this context, a Methodist pastor and his wife, Willian Booth and Catherine, created a religious organization with the purpose of helping the most disadvantaged in society . Salvation Army

In 1878, the Salvation Army was officially founded (The Salvation Army). Since its origins, the purpose of this entity has been to preach the gospel and, at the same time, serve the oppressed in the name of Jesus Christ.

Its members are known as Salvationists and in the Anglo-Saxon world as saviors or other denominations depending on each territory

This association with an altruistic spirit and inspired by the principles of Protestantism is based in London, but is present in more than 120 countries around the world. From an organizational point of view, its leaders use military terminology (the main person responsible is the general, the heads of territorial headquarters are the commanders and in the intermediate commands are the sergeants and lieutenants). Salvation Army

More than four million volunteers dedicated to the most needy

The members of this humanitarian entity do not form a church in the strict sense, although they organize religious services and pastoral activities. It is currently considered one of the largest humanitarian organizations in the world.

In terms of funding, it comes from three sources: private donations, funds raised by recycling and second-hand clothes, and state subsidies.

The range of areas of activity is very wide: day care centers and schools, rehabilitation programs for alcoholics and drug addicts, humanitarian assistance in natural disasters, prevention programs against intra-family violence or professional relocation workshops. In the mottos of this organization, a general principle is emphasized: assistance to the most needy. Salvation Army

Curiosities and criticisms

To liven up their meetings and activities, they incorporate music bands. Since the end of the 19th century, they have had a people search service. By the 1880s, they were harshly criticized and persecuted, as their work to rehabilitate alcoholics in London ran counter to the interests of the city‘s entertainment venues. Salvation Army

In major natural disasters, Salvation Army volunteers have been especially active. Many young people from this collective are part of the Scout movement (scouting) and organize camps and leisure activities.

In recent years, the United States has received harsh criticism for discriminating against people on religious grounds or because of their homosexual inclinations. Salvation Army

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