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What is median in statistics/How to find/when used/examples

The median within the world of statistics and probabilities refers to a group or set of data that is in the middle, having one part of the data below and the other above, for this reason it is called the median. What is median in statistics?

In statistics the average is widely used and for this it is necessary to know concepts such as the mean, the median and the mode .

What is the median?

Starting from Latin we find the most direct way to define this mathematical concept that comes from medianus , meaning middle. Although it is a word widely used in the language, it acquires a mathematical meaning when we refer to the variable that is in the central position.

All these are points of view or ways of observing the data obtained through a statistical study, they can be measured and for this reason they are indispensable in any study or project.

How to find the median?

  • To find the median in statistics it is necessary to first order the number group from smallest to largest in a linear way. What is median in statistics?
  • Once aligned, find the number right in the middle of the line, this will show that the mean has the same amount on both sides.
  • If there are 2 numbers on one side and 2 numbers on the other, you will use the one between these two, this is very easy to do when the sequence is odd.
  • To do this same procedure in an even group, you will select the number in the middle again, in this case it will be two numbers.
  • Find the mean of both by adding them and dividing them by 2, this is the way used to determine the mean, the sum of two numbers between 2.
  • The median of a sequence of even numbers does not have to be a number within that sequence.

When is the median used?

It is used mainly when there are skewed numerical distributions, allowing to return the central tendency to the set of numbers. What is median in statistics?

Example of a normal distribution of a median

In the case that we see the following set of numbers:

2 – 3 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 10 – 11

The median will be the number 5.

Example of skewed distribution of a median

In the event that the following distribution occurs:

2 – 2 – 3 – 3 – 5 – 7 – 8 – 120

The median will be calculated as follows:

The 2 central numbers are taken into account: 3 – 5 and divided by 2. In this way the final result in this case would be 4. What is median in statistics?

Other related terms

Other terms necessary for a correct introduction to statistics are the mean and the mode:

Arithmetic average

It is the result obtained from the sum of the values ​​divided by the number of addends.

The arithmetic mean is widely used in schools and universities, for this reason it is called average to what you get from adding all the grades obtained and dividing them between the subjects, in this way it is also recognized when you are failed to be below the average .

Applications and advantages of the arithmetic mean

We already mentioned how this statistical method is used to average grades, but it is also used in all kinds of sciences to get an average, for example, to obtain the average temperature this method is used in science related to climate. What is median in statistics?

Arithmetic mean in finance and economics

The arithmetic mean is important in science related to economics, to know the profit or loss margin. It is important to know the inflation rate that has an impact on the cost of living in a country.

The arithmetic mean is also important and widely used in the labor field that is also a fundamental part of the pillars of the economy and is used to average the number of days worked by an employee in order to pay fairly for the days that actually did his job.

Arithmetic mean in education and sociology

In order to create educational and social policies that raise the quality of life of a certain group of people, the arithmetic mean is used as a tool to know the level of knowledge regarding some subject and thus make the necessary adjustments.

The same with respect to what is known as the average citizen, a concept that we often find in all types of crime or marketing statistics, is one that with the average characteristics of the average of the population, for example a person of a certain height , who earns a certain amount of money annually and has a certain level of education. What is median in statistics?


The arithmetic mean can be affected by values ​​that if they are very high or very low extremes, the average can be affected, which could end up meaning that the measure is not really effective at a representative level.

Knowing the mathematical way of applying the arithmetic mean despite not being complicated can be difficult to understand at first hand, for this reason the easiest way to see it is through its properties.

  • In a set of positive numbers the arithmetic mean will be higher than the geometric mean
  • On the other hand, the arithmetic mean will be formed by the maximum value together with the minimum of the total data set, so we can deduce that the result of the average calculation will not always be in tune with reality. What is median in statistics?


One term most of us are familiar with is from the apparel and accessories industry, however it is a term that is used to describe the latest trends from designers.

It is a concept as important as the arithmetic mean for the statistical study and it is related to the data that is repeated, this is the easiest way to understand it, the mode is that data or set of data that is repeated.

Statistical median in the use of fashion

There are many who often fail to distinguish that when they use a certain design and claim to be fashionable far from showing originality, they are simply representing the most repeated number, which in this case could be that blue shirt with a certain number in it. the back.

Mean and median differences

These terms perform a similar function when seeking to understand what the central tendency is within a set of numbers. What is median in statistics?

The mean can have certain disadvantages as it is influenced by distant terms, much lower or higher than the rest, therefore, the median comes into play and is used in cases where there are certain outliers that can drastically change the mean. .

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