What is hybrid work model/advantages/implementation

In recent years, more and more people have started working remotely from anywhere in the world. With the arrival of the new coronavirus pandemic , the home office has become more popular and, along with it, the hybrid work . hybrid work model

After the change, many organizations realized that it is possible to ensure the quality of the final result even if the team is not working 100% in person at the office, and they saw that this could become a competitive advantage.

In addition, many employees noticed positive impacts on their personal lives and mental health, with the possibility of spending more time at home with their family, avoiding unnecessary travel.

In this post, you will understand more about the hybrid work model, what are its main advantages, how to implement it in the company, the precautions that must be taken and the best practices for its application. Enjoy reading!

What is the hybrid working model?

There are already companies that do not have a physical space and their contractors can work from anywhere in the world, as long as they have internet access and are able to organize themselves according to the demands required by the business.

However, it is a fact that some professionals do not like to work only at home, as the lack of structure can make it difficult to carry out the work. Also, the lack of contact with other people can be a negative factor.

The hybrid work model is basically one that mixes the face-to-face format with the home office . Thus, the company ensures that employees have the flexibility to choose where to work on a given day, without having to physically be at the office.

In addition, if the presence of certain professionals is required at certain times, it is possible to schedule the hours of each one, defining in advance when they will be able to work at home and when they will need to go to the workplace. hybrid work model

Finally, for organizations that cannot only work remotely, hybrid work emerges as an interesting alternative, capable of benefiting both employers and employees.

The main advantages

Let’s get to know the main benefits of the hybrid work model?

reduced costs

As the number of employees who go to the company on a daily basis is lower, expenses with the maintenance of the place are drastically reduced, for example, energy, water, internet, rent, equipment, transportation vouchers, etc.

Also, depending on the size of the team, there is the possibility of renting co working spaces, with more affordable prices, only when it is necessary to bring the team together.

Lower turnover

When professionals do not have the obligation to go to the company in person simply to meet a schedule, they feel more valued in their positions and tend to stay longer in the function. In addition, employees and candidates now have a better perception of the brand.


The possibility of working from home during certain periods is, without a doubt, very convenient for those who have a good structure to do the home office. That’s because the person doesn’t have to move and can do everything they need on the internet.

save time

Since the employee does not need to waste hours in traffic every day, the hybrid work model allows them to better manage how they will spend their time, which brings benefits to the employee’s health. hybrid work model

Thus, in addition to being more productive in the service, professionals are able to take advantage of their free time to dedicate themselves to activities that are good for them and have more contact with family and friends.

How to implement hybrid work?

It is common to face difficulties in implementing hybrid work, especially when home office is not a usual practice in the company. Therefore, before carrying out the complete implementation, it is essential that there is a good planning of how the tasks will be carried out .

Therefore, try to use digital tools to your advantage, in order to apply technologies that can optimize the work. Today, we rely on platforms to facilitate communication, manage time and organize the progress of projects.

But as the organizational culture can be harmed if there is not a good interaction, it is a good idea to promote actions that integrate the team and make everyone feel part of the company. Also, when making the staggers, avoid leaving someone working in the home office for many days in a row.

To ensure that there are no problems with file storage and sharing or security issues, the ideal is to hire a cloud storage service with data protection so that everyone has access to the work and nothing is lost in the process .

Finally, we must not forget that, in some cases, it is the company that is responsible for the equipment that will be used by the employee, although many contracts still establish that the contractor must bear the expenses at home.

Care to be taken and good practices

In relation to people management, it is necessary to be extra careful so that leaders are able to motivate the team inside and outside the company. In this sense, the use of digital means of communication helps a lot.

If managers do not actively participate in online tools, for example, the chances that employees will not engage and even reject the use of the chosen channels are enormous. Therefore, it is necessary to influence people even from a distance. hybrid work model

Another point that deserves attention is monitoring the progress of tasks. Hybrid work is not synonymous with complete freedom to carry out projects. In fact, some organizations choose to use software that digitally control the time and even measure how many hours the professional dedicates to each activity.

A practice that has been adopted is to let employees themselves decide when they want to work in person and if they really want to do it, so that they can choose to stay at home if they have a better performance with the remote system.

Now that you have learned what the hybrid work model is, how it benefits the company, how to implement it and what precautions to take, put your knowledge into practice!

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