What is Emergency Brigade/meaning/concept

The emergency brigade is a group of professionals belonging to a security force which are organized and prepared to intervene in the face of an event that involves risk or in the face of the contingency of a tragedy of great proportions to mitigate its consequences.

That is, basically, an emergency brigade is an elite corps that has the preparation and resources to participate in a chaotic situation.

These brigades can act in different scenarios, such as fires, gas leaks, explosions, landslides, earthquakes, floods, epidemics, terrorist attacks, criminal actions, among others.

As we highlighted at the beginning of this article , the individuals who make up the emergency brigade must have adequate training in order to efficiently intervene in the indicated accidents.

However, it is noteworthy that the action of the brigade is supported by three fundamental pillars that must act in a coordinated manner: first aid, evacuation, search and rescue of people.

Having knowledge of first aid is one of the basic requirements for all members of the brigade, without exception

At first, this body attends to injured people, helps with first aid and then forwards them to the nearest hospital. There should never be a lack of a first aid kit with all the elements and utensils that allow efficient and accurate care in every way.

Another action carried out by this body is the evacuation of sensitive areas affected by the incident, for example, in cases of danger or landslides, it is important to organize an exit for all people and prevent others from risking entry.

In this sense, it is important to know the streets and exit routes in a safe way to make evacuation easier.

And finally, in some claims it is necessary to rescue and search for people who are trapped in a space or under rubble. Training in this regard is crucial, as the body needs to know how to act in such a sensitive area, avoiding putting their lives and people in danger at risk.

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