What is Eastern Philosophy definition/concept

Philosophy is one of the main pillars of personal development. A special curiosity that awakens the influence of Eastern philosophy in the West. Many Eastern currents pay special attention to meditation as an inspiration to build a personal reality of optimism and well-being. Eastern Philosophy

Philosophy of Happiness

Therefore, it is a philosophy of interiority that currently arouses great curiosity in the West, where the lifestyle marked by haste and stress shows a tendency that opposes the search for calm and serenity that we can see in some films. For example, The movie “The Exotic Hotel Marigold” is an example of how oriental culture generates a new philosophy of life for people in the west. Eastern Philosophy

Another film that expresses this contrast of cultures well is the film “Eat, Pray and Love”, starring Julia Roberts. One of the expert thinkers in Eastern philosophy is Confucius. The axis of your thinking is to work directly as an essential axis of happiness. For example, through his thinking he invites the human being to practice virtue as a way of constant improvement.

Confucius Thought

Confucius’ thought is connected to the value of happiness as a personal search that every human being starts with autonomy and independence. For example, it advises that each person has high expectations on themselves and not to place on others, thus enhancing the freedom of not getting frustrated when expecting something that cannot be fulfilled. Eastern Philosophy

The Tao concept refers to the right to do good through kindness. Confucianism is the longest-running philosophical school in Chinese culture. The name of this chain is associated with its author. Confucius was born in the sixth century BC, in the state of Lu.

Confucius’ thought is defined by the eternity of his words and the wisdom of his message , since there is much light in his works from the present. For example, the author advises choosing a vocational job, so the job stops being a burden and becomes a pleasure. The author also reflects on the importance of education as an engine of human development. Eastern Philosophy

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