What is Agriculture/meaning/concept/elaboration

Agriculture is the set of techniques made in the land to benefit from it. Man cultivates the land for the purpose of obtaining food and thus satisfying his basic needs.

Agriculture is associated with the idea of ​​human civilization, as it is believed that man is a civilized being through sedentary lifestyle and his work in the countryside

From the historical point of view, agriculture has not stopped evolving in every way: the crop rotation techniques, improvements in technology , system of irrigation , fertilizer products and constant improvement of all that is related to various agricultural processes. Logically, it is an economic sector (called the first sector) that has an important influence on other sectors, especially a strategic value, as it is the main resource that supplies a population with food .

Agriculture has symbolic meaning for most cultures

The fruit given on the land determines the prosperity of a community , as the agricultural activity is surrounded by rituals and ceremonies.

Human beings have shown a great attachment to the land. In fact, man has settled in places where the land is fertile and it is possible to build a community out of it.

In rural areas, agriculture is the factor that explains the set of social and economic activities. In urban areas, agricultural culture is not experienced directly, but is present in one way or another, in urban markets or orchards.

From a political point of view, all nations have a strategy called agrarian policy

It should be noted that this is a unique sector because it depends on factors beyond human will, thus, climate change is decisive and it is politically necessary to take this circumstance into account. Including, from an ideological and organizational approach, agriculture is present in some issues such as anarchism, ecologism, cooperatives, etc.

In a way, agriculture is something more than cultivating the land or a simple economic sector. It is an essential element in our life. It is part of the landscape seen, the gastronomy and, finally, our daily life.

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