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Transitive and intransitive verbs examples

Transitive and intransitive verbs

The transitive verbs are those that can have direct complement (also called direct object ), ie a person or object that receives the action directly. For example: see, divide, steal. Transitive and intransitive verbs examples

The intransitive verbs are those who may not have direct object , because the action can not happen on something or someone. For example: walk, park, exit. 

For example:  We went to watch a movie . In this case, “a movie” is the direct complement to “watch.” Therefore, “seeing” is a transitive verb. ”

Transitive or intransitive verbs according to the meaning

Some verbs can be transitive or intransitive depending on the meaning given in the sentence. For example:

Walk (walk). To get to the beach you can walk . (Intransitive verb, since it has no direct object)

Walk (walk). We have walked almost ten kilometers. (Transitive verb, since it has a direct object: “ten kilometers” is the direct object). Transitive and intransitive verbs examples

Examples of transitive verbs

guess develop win
to love hide prevent
to turn off divide Start
frighten donate to wash
delete make lift up
change to elaborate to call
cancel remove move
to damage avoid need
tell to film lend
to deposit foment Steal

Examples of sentences with transitive verbs

The transitive verb in bold and the direct object underlined are marked in the examples.

  • I don’t know how he managed to guess my name .
  • This decision affects the whole family .
  • Have you fed the cat yet ?
  • She loves her husband . / We love this game .
  • In a few hours the firefighters managed to put out the fire .
  • The story scared the children .
  • You cannot erase your memories .
  • We need to change their living conditions .
  • They canceled my flight .
  • Hail has damaged my car‘s paint .
  • My father said he needs his tools back .
  • He has stated that he is not afraid of the result .
  • He placed the pot in the ground.
  • They developed new programs .
  • They were so hungry that they devoured the sandwiches in a few minutes.
  • He couldn’t hide his pain .
  • We have to divide the cake into eight parts.
  • He donated all his books to the village library.
  • Are you sure you made the deposit ?
  • His speech eliminated all doubt .
  • Here they are produced breads of different varieties .
  • They cheated their mother for years.
  • We must avoid a new crisis .
  • We have filmed the entire production process .
  • With a gesture of his hands he formed a heart .
  • It is not right to encourage violent attitudes in children.
  • We won the championship .
  • We will start the game .
  • It can’t stop you from traveling .
  • We must investigate all possibilities before making a decision.
  • They invited all their friends to the party.
  • Children always wash the dishes .
  • Try to lift the child without waking up.
  • Could you call Silvia , please?
  • They are looking at the neighbor .
  • The contract cannot be modified .
  • The rain has wet the clothes that were outside .
  • Pablo, stop bothering your brother .
  • Who moved the pens on your site?
  • I need two kilos of tomatoes .
  • I forgot what I had to do today .
  • Juan paid the bill .
  • The house is much prettier since we painted the walls .
  • I have already forgiven everything he did to me .
  • I’m going to ask my cousin to lend me her glasses .
  • They gave her a beautiful dress .
  • They rescued the boy who had fallen into the water.
  • No one can repair my computer .
  • I can’t believe they stole your phone again .
  • The blow broke the window .
  • While they know the answer .
  • We have to find a way to solve the problem .
  • I can’t stand this heat .
  • I have a bottle of water for when we are thirsty.
  • Don’t touch that glass , it’s broken.
  • Can I use this chair ?
  • You have to empty all the cabinets .
  • It is essential to verify all the data .
  • Please watch the children while I am gone.
  • We visited Paris and found it beautiful. Transitive and intransitive verbs examples

Examples of intransitive verbs

to give sleep to struggle
walk get sick lie
nest get in take a walk
stink sneeze to return
dance lack get out
to joke fail go up
walk shout to sigh
sing immigrate to work
trust arrive travel
deflate cry vote

Examples of sentences with intransitive verbs

  • We walked for hours and did not find the gift we were looking for.
  • Birds nested in the upper part of the tree
  • We have made significant progress in recent months.
  • She can dance for hours without getting tired.
  • Don’t get mad, they’re just kidding .
  • Sow they walk next to each other.
  • She sings very well, but she doesn’t know it.
  • I trust we will have a good result. (“In which we will have a good result” is not a direct object since it cannot be replaced by it)
  • We are not hiring .
  • He is a great student, stands out on multiple occasions.
  • After so much work, they slept for hours.
  • Juan and Pablo tied in the game.
  • He got sick a week ago.
  • The ball entered the basket.
  • Allergies make you sneeze.
  • There are fifteen minutes left before the film begins.
  • I am very sorry, it fails in all the projects it proposes.
  • The project works perfectly.
  • We were talking quietly and suddenly he started shouting .
  • The family immigrated two years ago.
  • We will arrive a little later than expected.
  • I see her very sad, she seems about to cry .
  • The soldiers fought in enemy armies.
  • The champion swam three seconds faster than the others.
  • Do not believe him, he always lies .
  • They gave him a better score for participating in class.
  • He left without even saying goodbye.
  • We love to walk along the riverbank together.
  • I am trying to learn to skate .
  • Those two dogs whenever they see each other fight .
  • We will return before eight.
  • Mammals can not breathe underwater.
  • We retreated because the road was not safe.
  • Remember closed and locked when you leave.
  • It took us two hours to climb here.
  • It was so hot that everyone was sweating .
  • I don’t know what’s wrong with him, he spends all day sighing .
  • You cannot work in this environment.
  • We want to travel in Europe.
  • Next Sunday we will all vote. Transitive and intransitive verbs examples

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