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Quantitative methods of research When to do quantitative research

What is the quantitative method?

In this article we will provide you the information about Quantitative methods of research When to do quantitative research.

The quantitative method is a way of collecting and analyzing information for research through the quantification of numerical and measurable data . This research methodology allows you to understand patterns, discover trends and preferences through statistical analysis.

This involves using structured questionnaires, controlled experiments and statistics to identify patterns, relationships and trends in data.

How is research carried out using the quantitative method?

A quantitative research using the qualitative method collects data through standardized techniques such as questionnaires and structured interviews. The first step is to define the research problem . In other words, what is the objective, what do you want to measure, evaluate or understand.

Once this is done, it is necessary to define the sample , these will be the people who will respond to the survey. Once everything is ready, it is necessary to define where the interviews will be collected , this is a fundamental point in the process and can vary according to the research, and can be conducted through online questionnaires, telephone interviews, in-person interviews or other methods.

Finally, with the interviews collected, it is time to analyze the data and transform it into insights. To achieve this, it is very important to have professionals specialized in research, who can carry out precise analyzes of the data collected, ensuring a correct and valuable interpretation of the information.

When to do quantitative research?

You can do quantitative research when you want to measure and analyze data in a numerical and objective way. For example, if you want to know how many people purchased your product, evaluate the impact of a marketing campaign on specific numbers, compare preference over a product’s functionality based on measurable results, or evaluate how many customers are satisfied with the service customer in a store, quantitative research is the appropriate approach. The quantitative method provides clear and statistical information that helps you make decisions based on solid evidence.

What is the difference between quantitative and qualitative methods?

In addition to the quantitative method, research can also use a qualitative methodology. While the quantitative method uses numbers and statistics to understand and answer the research problem.

The qualitative method, on the other hand, works with values, beliefs, habits and attitudes.

To achieve this, the interviews are open and the analysis of the responses is carried out in a more subjective way. Qualitative research can be carried out through a focus group, by telephone, in a face-to-face interview.

What is the best research methodology?

The choice between qualitative and quantitative research methods is not a question of “better” or “worse”. Each approach offers different insights and choosing between them depends on what you want to investigate and your research objectives. Furthermore, the two methods can be combined to obtain even more information.

For example, a food company plans to launch a new flavor of a product. Before launch, they conduct focus groups to understand consumer perception of the new recipe and gather opinions about the taste.

Furthermore, this same company intends to reformulate the packaging for the launch of the new flavor. To understand which packaging will be most accepted by consumers, they carry out product testing research , using the quantitative method. This makes it possible to measure packaging preference in a representative sample, providing numerical data that facilitates statistical analysis of responses.

By combining the two methodologies, the company obtains a comprehensive view of consumer preferences regarding the new product, both in terms of taste and packaging

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