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Linguistic Test 42

Welcome to your Linguistics Test 42

A move that is intended to strengthen a previous utterance.

The portion of a word that is common to a set of derived or inflected forms, if any, when all affixes are removed

A correspondence between the state of affairs described by the propositional content of an illocutionary act and the state of affairs in the world

An alternative relation in which more than one of the propositions may be true or fulfilled

An interpropositional relation in which some proposition(s) relate the content of some other proposition(s) to a different framework of ideas, a framework other than the speaker's value judgments

A ranking that organizes a stream of speech into levels of ascending size and complexity

The given information that the speaker assumes can be or could have been predicted by the addressee to occur in a particular position in the sentence

The study of how sounds are organized and used in natural languages

An illocutionary act that is not generally used with the expectation of an answer but with some different, indirect force, such as a command a tentative statement, and an evaluation

Place deixis that indicates that a location has length or area

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