Homograph words definition and examples in detail

Homograph words

Homograph words are those that are spelled the same but have different meanings . This means that they share spelling although they allude to different issues. Homograph words definition and examples

The condition of homograph is called homography . The composition of this term helps to understand what the concept points to: the homo- compositional element makes mention of what is “equal” , while spelling is the mode of representation or writing of sounds.

Homography, as can be seen, is similar to homonymy . While homograph words are spelled the same way, homonyms are pronounced identically, although their meaning differs.

It can be said that homography is a type of homonymy. In our language , homograph words are always homophones. However, this particularity is not maintained in all languages.

It is important to explain the meaning of homophony. In the field of linguistics, two words are homophones if they have the same sound, although they may differ both in their spelling and in their meaning. If we think of the third person singular of the verb have , had , we can say that it and tube (a hollow piece and generally cylindrical in shape) are homophone words, since in our language we do not pronounce V and B differently.

This example helps us to clarify that the majority of speakers pronounce these two consonants in the same way, although their confusion in the writing supposes a spelling error worthy of a decrease in academic grades and unacceptable in a publication such as a book or a Newspaper. The history of these two letters and their ancient differences go back to Latin, but nowadays it is not correct to distinguish them when speaking, something that makes it especially difficult to properly learn the words that are written with them. Homograph words definition and examples


These kinds of words have the same written form, but both their pronunciation and meaning vary.


  • Verb
    Guide, lead
    I like to lead my students. / I like to guide my students.
  • Noun
    That door is made of lead . / The door is made of lead .


  • Verb
    I like to live in Canada. / I like living in Canada
  • Adverb
    I’ll present a live show tonight. / I will present a live show tonight.


  • Verb
    Please, wind those strings. / Please roll up those strings.
  • Noun
    Can you hear the wind blowing?  / Can you hear the wind blowing?


  • Verb
    I have to sow these seeds. / I have to sow these seeds.
  • Noun
    Grandpa has three sows . / Grandpa has three sows .

Homograph words definition and examples

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