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An exit interview is the last formal interview between the company and the worker, in which the worker has the opportunity to detail the reasons for his departure. Exit interview definition

Using the data provided by the departing employee can help improve the social climate or performance and represents an opportunity to position yourself in the job market.

There are causes of exit in which the company cannot compete or change its policy. On the other hand, if the reasons for leaving are related to elements such as a low salary, an inadequate work schedule or a bad work culture, you can work on these points to be competitive as a company.

The feedback will also help the employer improve its retention policy. Therefore, a well-conducted exit interview will provide both parties with valuable, and often highly enlightening, information.

Advantages of an exit interview

There are several benefits of applying exit interviews within your organization, among them are:

  • You learn from the employee who leaves

When conducting a job interview you will know the details that caused the employee to resign and you can solve it, Exit interview definition

Reasons will likely vary from person to person, and you need to understand whether or not the reason was outside of the organization.

The employee may have been offered a position elsewhere with a higher salary, or he may be facing personal problems that have caused him to leave. Knowing why someone left will allow you to address any issue so it doesn’t happen again.

  • Exit interviews are profitable

By not requiring too much time, they are inexpensive and easy to do. In short, they are a useful tool for the Human Resources area .

Going over the strengths and weaknesses of the company with your employee in the form of a talk or interview is also really easy to carry out and it is a small investment that will reap the maximum benefits.

  • They allow to identify problems within the company

Exit interviews provide you with the information you need to improve the work environment and also to improve employee retention .

Many of the questions asked during an exit interview refer to the work environment. It can be difficult to know how employees feel at work while under your direction, but you should give it a try. “

  • Close cycles

The exit interview gives you the opportunity to tie up any loose ends with a departing employee. In addition to asking questions about the reasons you have decided to leave, you can provide compensation information and review any documents that need to be completed before your last day. Exit interview definition

It is also good to end the employment relationship on good terms. Although an exit interview may not reveal everything you want to know, it is a good starting point for understanding why people are leaving.

Receiving constructive criticism and making the necessary improvements will help you improve the experience of current and future employees .

How to do an exit interview

Here are some of the best practices to help you with the departing employee interview process:

  • Schedule the exit interview with the employee within a week of submitting their resignation letter, so that they are still aware of the information you want them to share with you.
  • In addition to the interview, offer various feedback options, be it a phone interview, in-person interview, written report, or job exit survey , and let the employee choose the one that suits them best.
  • Have the questions you are going to ask ready, and design your questionnaire in such a way that it is brief. Here is a sample job interview that may be useful to you.
  • Preferably, a Human Resources representative should lead the meeting, not the employee’s direct boss. The employee may feel intimidated or uncomfortable when answering certain questions.
  • Create an environment where the employee feels comfortable enough to talk about their experience with the company and why they left. Insist on confidentiality.
  • End the interview on a positive, personal note. Thank the employee for their time and wish them the best on their next project. Exit interview definition

Questions for an exit interview

Most of the time, the exit interview includes a few key questions. It is better to be prepared.

Here are some of the best questions for a job interview :

  • Because you are leaving?
  • How have you perceived your experience in the company?
  • What, in your opinion, has been positive and what needs to be improved?
  • Do you think your job description has changed since you were hired?
  • What do you think of the working conditions, the hours, the flexibility, the environment …?

Being in charge of the interview, you are in control of modifying your questionnaire. Therefore, prepare yourself well and be demanding, because your ultimate goal is this: to end the employment relationship in the best conditions. Exit interview definition

Importance of exit interviews

Here are some of the reasons why it is important to conduct employee exit interviews and help your organization create a positive work environment:

  • Employees who leave tend to be more communicative than those who remain in their jobs
  • The exit interview allows the employee to provide constructive feedback and leave with a positive image of the company.
  • It offers an opportunity to ask if there are any open issues that you should be aware of. This can help reduce risk and identify issues that may require immediate attention.
  • You will get an honest assessment of the environment and culture of your organization.
  • Insight into employee recruitment, onboarding and training needs can be revealed.
  • Opportunities for improvement can be identified in the development of management and succession planning. Exit interview definition

Don’t be afraid of what your employees have to say in their exit interviews, better measure, analyze and then act on the feedback they offer. It’s very important.

Mature organizations achieve this and invest time, resources, and energy to capitalize on it.

Creating and implementing more effective and consistent interviews may seem challenging, but the insights you’ll gain from understanding the connection between employee feedback, behavior, and organizational trends will tell you everything you need to know to grow your business. deal.

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