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English Literature Test 6

Welcome to your English Literature Test 6

Words that modify verbs, clauses, sentences and adjectives

A shortened version of an original text, created by removing passages or sections of the text

This type is now less popular than in the past. It was a drama performed with no interval and was generally less than an hour long.

A collection of Comedies, Histories and tragedies (36 in total) of Shakespeare's works, published in 1623.

This refers to an imaginary wall, as if separating the actors on stage from the audience

A poetic term used to refer to a verse having the expected number of syllables in the final foot

A bawdy song and dance in Renaissance drama that was performed by a clown, or other actors, at the end of a play

Another term for a Shakespearean sonnet

Refers to the period during the reign of King James I, between 1603-1625. Shakespeare wrote his later works in the that period.

The writer's structure and the relationship of actions, characters and events in a fictional work. The organization of the narrative

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