Crying from happiness and why does it happen

Crying from happiness

There is a well-known phrase that says that “emotions are on the surface”. Although this may seem exaggerated from a biological perspective, there are certainly reasons to think that there really is a link between emotional factors and the body. In this article we will let you know about the Crying from happiness.

Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations that trigger intense reactions in the face of unexpected facts. Who doesn’t get emotional when remembering the first time they got a job? How many times have we seen someone we know have tears in their eyes because they graduated? These examples are illuminating to see that joy is not only expressed through laughter and laughter, but also through crying.

Stress discharge

Crying with happiness is usually associated with an important emotional release . When this phenomenon happens, knowing the reasons that originated it will be enlightening to understand how it was developed. In some cases, certain previous situations can produce intense levels of stress and/or anxiety that build up in the body.

In these cases, the human mind feels the need to discharge these accumulated emotions in some way, and one of the most frequent ways to do this is to cry with happiness. For this reason, crying can also be linked to joy.

emotional expression

Each person expresses their emotions in different ways . For example, it is possible that someone who has achieved some transcendent goal in his life will express it through an effusive celebration or shout of joy . However, on some occasions happiness can also be seen through tears.

It should be noted that there is a social convention based on the fact that visual communication can be interpreted from the gestures, words and emotions that appear at a given moment.

Demonstration of unconscious aspects

Another of the qualities of crying with happiness is related to the demonstration of unconscious aspects. In other words, this means that a person can remember situations from the past that produced different emotions due to their being directly related to an event in the present. When presenting this event, crying may be associated with the expression of an important feeling for the person at that moment.

For example, a person graduates from an academic career and, remembering the effort and sacrifice made during years of study, cries with happiness. Another example could be that of someone who suffered family abuse during his childhood and who, after achieving respect in his work, shows his happiness through tears.

Although these are fictitious situations, past events exert a determining influence that can prevent them from carrying out activities of daily life and generate conflicts with other people. For this reason, in these cases it is recommended to seek out a mental health professional so that they can provide people with the necessary tools to improve their quality of life. Nowadays there are therapies that address these problems in a detailed and careful way, such as psychoanalysis.

Is it good to cry with happiness?

To begin with, it is necessary to clarify that the meaning of crying is conditioned by personal differences, so it is complex to generalize about the benefits of crying with happiness. However, it is possible to reach some conclusions on this subject.

First, the intensity, duration, past experiences and current relationships are closely linked to the happy cry. Consequently, the more intense and lasting a person’s motives have been for crying out of joy and/or happiness, the more intense this emotional discharge will be. Taking this point into account, crying with happiness could be a positive action for the person with these characteristics.

On the other hand, if there are situations that permanently drop a happy person’s energy levels, the cry of happiness could be thought of as an exacerbated response if it occurs in most of the moments experienced. However, it is necessary to take into account each situation in a particular way. In this way, it can be inferred that the expression of emotions in different ways is a healthy act for human beings.

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