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What is the difference between Law and Constitution/comparison table

All nations have a system that helps them to be governed. Regardless of the type of government, its rulers and their political systems, States need a cornerstone that defines the scope of each power and regulates the behavior of its citizens. This almost always comes in the form of a constitution. What is the difference between Law and Constitution?

Constitutions are made up of legal norms, such as laws. Laws also serve the purpose of seeking the good of a state and its citizens. Both concepts are defined as legal norms, however, the constitution has a higher rank than the laws.

Comparison table What is the difference between Law and Constitution?

Definition A constitution is the highest law of a state. Also called Magna Carta, it is a legal-political-social text that constitutes, organizes and limits the powers of the State. A law is a legal norm dictated by an authority (legislator). Laws are precepts in which something is ordered or prohibited. Failure to comply with these precepts usually carries a legal sanction.
What is it? It is an agreement of rules that govern social coexistence, that protect each citizen and that guarantee the existence of laws and their compliance for the greatest benefit of a country. Laws are said to be “… delimiting the free will of each individual who belongs to a society.” A law is a kind of external control that manages human behavior within a society.
Purpose The purpose of a constitution is to preserve the values, norms and principles of conduct of all citizens of a nation. Likewise, a constitution groups together the rights and obligations of citizens, among other things. On the other hand, the purpose of the laws is to order, allow or prohibit something. Its fulfillment is, by the way, the obligation of citizens. All this in order to pursue the common good and facilitate social coexistence. What is the difference between Law and Constitution?

Many laws are contained in constitutions.

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