What is Scalene Triangle definition/concept

A triangle is a type of polygon whose differential feature is that it is formed by three sides. A triangle is constructed by joining three straight lines, which are the sides of this geometric figure, however, the mentioned sides meet at points called vertices. Scalene Triangle

The parts mentioned that present the triangle, that is, sides, vertices and internal angles, are always present in a triangle and are essential conditions of this geometrical body.

There are two ways to classify triangles, one that is linked to the extent of their sides and the other depends on the amplitude of their angles.

The latter proposes the following types: rectangle (has an internal right angle that determines two sides called legs, the third side being known as the hypotenuse), acutangle (the three internal angles are acute, that is, they measure less than 90°) and obtuse angle (only one of its angles is obtuse, that is, it measures more than 90°).

Meanwhile, the extension of the sides generates the following: equilateral, isosceles and scalene

The scalene triangle, also called an unequal triangle, is characterized by all its sides having different extensions. In no triangle of this type are there two angles that have the measure. So at this angle there are no identical angles or sides.

However, depending on the length, it is also possible to find two types of triangles besides the scalene: the equilateral triangle, this one stands out because its three sides are equal to its angles and have a measure of 60°

And the isosceles triangle, which has only two sides with the same extension, however, the angles opposite the sides have the same measure.

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