What is Ecmnesia definition/concept/elaboration

To better understand what ecmnesia is about, we must go to the origin of the word. It is derived from the Greek ek, which means from, from, and mnasthai, which means to remember. We can deduce that it is a memory disorder from a certain moment or situation. Ecmnesia

We’ve all heard of amnesia, which is a failure of past memory. People forget part or even all of their lives. Unlike amnesia, it is a situation in which memories of the past are experienced in the present, it is like another moment in life, with a change in the perception of time, which leads the person to behave in accordance with these memories, which are for her an absolute reality very well lived.

What does ecmnesia consist of?

It is not a disease in itself. It is a symptom that accompanies various disturbances in the mental sphere.

From the standpoint of neuroscience, it is considered a form of hallucination or delusion. Its bearers live like your reality.

As with hallucinations, the person not only sees an environment or past events, but also hears voices that accompany these moments.

Under what conditions does it appear?

It is a condition that is associated with various neurological or psychiatric disorders and affects specific areas of the brain .

This disorder can occur in several situations:

  • – Brain injuries
  • – Dementia
  • – As aura in temporal lobe epilepsy
  • – During a confusional disorder
  • – Consumption of hallucinogenic drugs
  • – Hysteria
  • – States of auto-suggestion and hypnosis
  • – State in which the ability to remember past events increases

What happens to recent memory during ecmnesia?

Once the individual with this disorder finds himself evoking situations from his past memory and living these moments, he starts to lose the memory of what is happening in the real present.

On the other hand, the fact that ecmnesia occurs in the context of an alteration in brain function by an associated disorder, the loss of recent memory is linked to the underlying disorder, which can be called dementia, brain damage, alteration of neuronal function or intoxication. for drugs. Ecmnesia

The individual starts to lose the facts and experiences that took place during the ecmnetic period.

It is a disorder that constantly needs an evaluation and adequate follow-up by a mental health specialist.

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