How to recruit employees online/How to design a selection process

You probably know or have even participated in remote selection processes , right? It has not been long since the recruitment processes have also surrendered to the most modern technologies. Currently, large and small companies have adhered to this practice that has proven to be extremely efficient: online recruitment. How to recruit employees online?

Whether aiming to streamline the process, increase the variety of candidates, save capital, in short, the possibilities are diverse. The main point of a selection process at a distance is to use the internet and available technologies to your advantage and transform them into a competitive advantage.

Some organizations want to have a wider range of candidates and look for talent in different cities or even different countries. Others are simply looking to save commuting time and get the contract out as quickly as possible.

Regardless of your reason, in this post, we’ll help you gain insights on how to design a distance recruitment that best suits your company’s reality.

How to design a selection process at a distance?

Each company and vacancy has a specific identity and needs at the time of hiring and, therefore, no process can be generalized. Also, it is important to keep in mind that not all stages of a recruitment need to be at a distance. Many companies use online recruitment only for the first stages and prefer to continue in person in the final stages. How to recruit employees online?

First step – Planning

At first, it is important for HR to plan all the steps to be taken. Here, the premise is that recruitment gains company characteristics and a digital DNA. In addition, it is important that at this stage all the particularities of the vacancy, in relation to benefits, working hours and flexibility, are produced, as well as the necessary criteria to apply.

Before making the disclosure, it is extremely important to describe the vacancy or the project as clearly as possible, because the person who is going to read it does not know the company’s routine and does not even know exactly what it is about. So, don’t spare too many details and explain well the tasks to be performed by the professional.

However, if the open position is very specific, requiring highly qualified candidates, as happens with some companies looking for engineers, programmers, etc., it is possible to apply a kind of exam or test online and come with the analysis of resumes later .

Second step – Disclosure

To attract good candidates, the company must advertise the vacancy on all possible digital platforms, such as job sites, institutional portal and social networks — LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube — which can be a great gateway to recruit candidates. Also, this is a good opportunity to closely analyze the profile and qualities of competitors. How to recruit employees online?

Third step – Screening

Choosing the method for conducting the first screening of candidates is a step that can only be carried out by analyzing the resume and cover letter.

It is important to remember that by using recruiting platforms and online systems to carry out every step of the process, the chances of mistakes that can hinder selection development are reduced.

That’s because online systems reduce guesswork-based choices and increase hits, consequently, bringing more benefits to the process.

Fourth step – Profile analysis

The analysis of the candidates’ online profiles must be considered in the selection process. Social networks have become a showcase, where companies can follow how potential candidates behave. Therefore, it is common for profiles to be one of the definitions for hiring a person.

Through social networks, the recruiter can analyze whether the candidate is an unstable person at work, if he behaves well online or if it harms the company’s image on the platforms. In addition, it is a great ally to check the candidate’s experiences and recommendations. This optimizes selection time and facilitates next steps.

Fifth step – Conversation

At this stage, it is very likely that the number of professionals has dropped significantly. Here, it will already be possible to know a little more about the candidates that were selected before going on to the interview with the responsible manager and/or the HR department. How to recruit employees online?

In many cases, the best option is to send an e-mail congratulating the selection and asking them to answer some new questions about projects, work already done, professional or personal experiences, etc.

There is also the possibility of applying behavioral profile tests   using modern online software. These tests map people’s behavior and generate extremely interesting reports about candidates’ personal and professional characteristics.

Sixth step – Behavioral analysis

After the video interview, to complement the decision to hire a new employee, the ideal is to use behavioral analysis software , which helps the company to avoid higher expenses and reduce errors in the future.

After this phase comes a face-to-face meeting to meet the candidate in person and confirm the experiences regarding the vacancy and the professional. How to recruit employees online?

Seventh step – Interview

Finally, there are only professionals with characteristics that are really relevant to fill the vacancy in question. Some companies choose to carry out a face-to-face interview , because they consider it necessary to get to know the candidate closely.

If that’s not the case for you, or you can’t have a face-to-face interview, don’t worry, there are several alternatives to online video calling.

But what are the benefits of online recruitment?

The HR of companies has gone through several transformations, including online recruitment. This selection process has many benefits for companies.

Reach of talented candidates

One of the biggest advantages of posting a job online is the reach it can have. Disclosure, both on social media and on the job page, can impact and attract several candidates with the job profile, in addition to being potential talent.

Still, the massive publicity of a vacancy increases the chances of getting a right answer when hiring a profile for the company. How to recruit employees online?

Increased team productivity

The online process for recruiting new employees directly impacts the productivity of HR employees. In this case, the results can be analyzed much faster and more efficiently, unlike the traditional method.

Furthermore, with the use of selection tools, it is possible to optimize the analysis time of candidate profiles and make a selection according to what the company is looking for.

Creating a talent bank

With online recruitment, it is no longer necessary to file printed resumes, which brings more space to the environments and avoids spending time evaluating each document. Still, with digital media, it is possible to create a talent bank and store it.

In addition, with online recruitment, it is possible to access the candidate’s profile whenever the company needs it. Finally, this type of selection avoids the duplication of resumes for the same candidate, which is common in a printed process. How to recruit employees online?

Relying on online recruitment platforms can be a way to facilitate the selection of candidates, automating important processes for the human resources team. An efficient recruitment and selection process helps you not to miss out on hiring opportunities.

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