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English Literature Test 5

Welcome to your English Literature Test 5

A poem in which all the lines have the same end rhyme

A literary genre characterized by rhythmical patterns of language and figurative language, is also created with a sense of the musicality and is not just written for meaning

Using a mild or gentle phrase instead of a blunt, embarrassing, or painful one

Using a mixture of languages for a comic or humorous effect

The utilisation of serious manner and the characteristic features of a literary work to mock those same features

A narrator who is ‘all knowing’ often found in third person narratives, has a detailed and full knowledge of the story's events and characters, from every perspective.

A philosophy believed that the seeking of pleasure to be good but with an emphasis on simplicity of life

A type of language, developed by the simplification of two or more languages, created to enable communication between groups who do not share a language

Also known as the Anglo-Saxon Period, the time frame this period falls in is debatable, however broadly speaking it is between the mid-fifth century and mid-twelfth century

A short narrative intended to disclose allegorically some religious principle, moral lesson or general truth. Rather than using abstract discussion, a parable always teaches by comparison with real or literal occurrences

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