Characteristics of the Sadducees origin difference with Pharisees


Group of aristocratic Jews belonging to the upper social class. Characteristics of the Sadducees with origin

The Sadducees, also called Zadokites, made up a group of aristocratic Jews , belonging to the upper social class, which developed in Jerusalem in the 1st and 2nd centuries BC. C.

These, in general, held positions with significant power , such as being part of the Sanhedrin.

The Sadducees were responsible for maintaining peace between Jews and Romans , and based on this, make decisions that benefited them as a nation.

It is considered that this type of work generated that the Sadducees were more occupied in politics than in religion.

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Origin of the Sadducees

The origin of the Sadducees dates back to between 135 and 105 BC. C , period proposed by the writer Josephus, and his affiliation with John Hyrcanus I. However, there are certain data that indicate that the Sadducees existed before this reign. Characteristics of the Sadducees with origin

The Sadducees are considered descendants of Sadoq, a high priest from the time of Solomon and monarch of the United Kingdom of Israel. His name can be interpreted as “just” or “upright.”

Characteristics of the Sadducees

As main characteristics of the Sadducees we can highlight that:

  • They belonged to the upper social class.
  • They submitted to foreign governments and adopted a culture of submission over the people.
  • They had important political positions.
  • The high priest belonged to them.
  • They denied that God intervened in personal affairs and did not believe in life after death.
  • They gave equal importance to oral tradition and sacred writings.

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Difference between Sadducees and Pharisees

The main differences between Sadducees and Pharisees are as follows:

  • The Sadducees believed that man was the creator of his own circumstances, the Pharisees believed that the creator of everything was God.
  • The Sadducees came from the Jewish aristocracy,  the Pharisees belonged to the middle class .
  • Unlike the Phariseesthe Sadducees did not believe in the coming of the messiah.
  • The Sadducees were members of the Sanhedrin,  the Pharisees were rabbis .
  • The Pharisees did not endorse the relationship with the government , they believed that God punished men because of their rulers. The Sadducees believed in the political and economic benefit of governments, and fostered political relationships. Characteristics of the Sadducees with origin
  • Unlike the Sadducees, the Pharisees believed in the resurrection and religious traditions of law.

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