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Castle of temptation Apk download for Android Free Latest version

Castle of temptation Apk

Castle of Temptation is an action game simulation app for Android smartphones. Now installing this Android App Apk allows players to start a new journey reflecting unique fighting skills. Also, players can have fun completing different challenges, puzzles and unlocking levels.

When players start the game, they find it simple and easy to play. However, as they complete the levels, more effort is required to complete the levels. Thus, the gameplay seems simple, but it requires a fight to advance and fight the bosses. Remember that evil bosses are powerful and dangerous to fight.

Here the developers have offered many different powerful weapons and effects. However, most of them are presented inside a closet. Therefore, it requires a large amount of resources to unlock these professional items. What we recommend for players is to clear the levels and earn a good number of rewards.

Rewards collected after completing levels can be used to unlock powerful weapons. In addition, players can use the same rewards to increase accessible weapons. If you are looking for a secure online source to get Apk for games then visit our website. Here we offer Castle of Temptation games app free download.

Updated on Aug 2023 V 1.3.2

APK details

Name Temptation Castle
Version v1.3.2
Size 53.6 MB
Developer KAIB LTD INC.
package name com.kaibltdinc.castleoftemptation
Price Free
Android required 5.0 and Plus
Category Games – Productivity

The dark corridors within the Mystery Castle are said to be full of evil creatures. Evil beasts exist to kill participants who try to interfere with the border and attack their bosses. The possible way to kill these creatures is by unlocking powerful weapons and upgrading powers using accessible resources.

Evil beasts use women like bats to seduce participants. Therefore, we recommend that players act smart and handle situations efficiently. Making a single mistake will end the fight on the spot. Use the weapons to deal with these smart girls and easily escape the traps.

To make the gameplay more attractive, experts integrate these advanced controls. Due to the integration of dynamic game controls, it is now possible to play games easily. It is also possible to modify the controller settings within the game.

Here we provide all important details including basic information about Android App Apk. Newbies who are having a hard time understanding the game should read the provided information carefully. So you love the game and ready to give it a try then install Castle of Temptation Apk.

Apk main features

Android App Apk is a two-dimensional game that is easy to play online. Although it is simple and offers a user-friendly interface for gamers. Here we will list all the options accessible within the game at a glance. Key point reading helps players understand the gameplay easily.

free download

The Apk game we are providing here is completely free to download. The app is currently not obtainable from the Play Store or any other source. However, fans can easily get the latest app from here with one click. Directly click on the given link and the process will start automatically.

hd pixels

Here the game is two-dimensional and is compatible with all Android devices. The great thing about the Apk game is that it offers this HD screen to the players. Thus, participants will have a realistic fight against bosses. Also, participants can easily adjust resolution in settings.

Advanced Control

Getting better results within the battlefield requires advanced controls. This gameplay offers those extra options to have advanced control with multi-button function. Players can easily modify settings and button controls focusing on their own comfort.

Get better rewards

Fighting bosses and eliminating enemies within Android App Apk Game gives you amazing rewards. Rewards are redeemable for other points. Later, players can use the redeemed points to upgrade powers including weapons.

fight battles

In the beginning, players can experience these simple battles against evil creatures. As players reach advanced levels, the fights will also get tougher. Tough fights mean bigger in-game rewards.

How to Download Castle of Temptation Apk?

Before we jump straight into installing and using the games app. The initial step is to download it and for that Android users can rely on our page. Here on our page we only offer authentic and working apps.

We even hired a specialized team made up of different professionals. Unless we are sure about the proper functioning, we never offer the app within the download section. To download Android App Apk click on given download link button.

On the website, we already publish several different 2D games on our website. Game lovers interested in playing the best alternative games should follow the links. Which are Lovecraft Locker Apk and Warriors of Power APK .

Common questions

  1. Are we providing Castle of Temptation Mod Apk?

    Here we are offering the official version of the App for Android users. Directly install the gameplay and enjoy fighting evil creatures.

  2. Does the game require Internet?

    Yes, the game can be played easily in both online and offline modes.

  3. Can Android players download the app from the Google Play Store?

    Previously, it was possible to access from the Play Store. However, now he is removed from there permanently. So Android users can easily get the gameplay from here with one click.


Castle of Temptation Apk is a fully supported Android game app for mobile users. Here, the game installation allows players to enjoy saving the world by killing evil creatures. Get awesome rewards by fighting beasts and then use the points to unlock tons of different items.

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