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Age of History 2 Apk 1.01586 download for Android Free Latest version

Age of History 2 Apk

Age of History 2 Apk is the Android platform developed by Jakowski that will test your strategic skills and develop your diplomatic skills. It will also challenge you to develop the kind of diplomatic environment your friends will think twice about breaking up with you. There are many options that have been built into this game to make it more interesting.

One scenario would be to build a country so powerful that nobody expects to get involved. Also, when you send the army to take over a country, they automatically surrender without bloodshed. Alternatively, another military strategy would be to build allies or diplomacy.

APK details

Name Age of History 2
Version v1.01586_ELA
Size 146 MB
Developer A ?? ukasz Jakowski
package name age.of.civilizations2.jakowski.lukasz
Price Free
Android required 4.0 and Plus
Category Games – Strategy

Yes, by developing your allies and showing your strength, you’ll never have to worry about the enemy trying to engage with you again. If you want to make your country stronger and more powerful. So, as we mentioned above, you must explore new technologies and have a strong economic foundation.

For this reason, you must ensure that your country grows in strength. As your country grows in strength, more leaders around the world will be interested in collaborating with you. Therefore, to make your country stable, you have to offer incentive programs to the population.

Furthermore, in today’s era, world leaders calculate economics based on technology and population, not money. Despite money depreciating over time, assets and human population never decrease. To experience this amazing Age of History II Apk file, download it from this link.

Updated on Aug 2023 V AOH2.apk

Updated on Aug 2023 V v1.01586 ZIP

Main features of the game

  • The game can be downloaded here or on the Play Store.
  • Installing a grand strategy war game will offer players a unique experience.
  • Even players build their own story II using military tactics.
  • To play this game, there are no restrictions on registration.
  • Furthermore, it will allow players from all over the world to collaborate and battle against each other.
  • To win the game, you need alternate story scenarios for the game.
  • Great strategy war game includes peace treaty revolutions and more detailed diversity with own characteristics.
  • No subscription required.
  • Here unlimited money option is not available.
  • Players can learn about the era of human history with a detailed world map.
  • Advanced Multi Stats panel will allow players to check current stats.
  • Even using the same dashboard, players can easily control their income, population and army.
  • The game consists of the entire story II where your action will decide whether the world bleeds or bends.
  • The game does not support third-party advertising.
  • The in-game editors hotseat will provide a live customization option.
  • Here, fans may not be able to download the mod apk.
  • Fight against so many civilizations from the biggest empire to the smallest tribe.
  • Various games and war modes are available to join.
  • Very simple in terms of use.
  • Try to avoid unlimited money scams.
  • Lead your people to glory in a campaign spanning thousands of years.

How to Download Age of History 2 Apk

As we mentioned, Google Play Store is the place to download Apk files. However, when we tried to access the amazing app from the Google Play Store, we got this error. Many Android phone users are now voicing their complaints about a similar issue that is regularly occurring.

As a result of the occurrence of the issue and the need for user assistance, we also provide the updated version of Age of History 2 Apk file here. To ensure that the user enjoys the correct product, the same file will be installed on different types of devices. To download age of history 2 apk click on given link.


If you are great at strategy development and ready to experience amazing gameplay. I suggest you download the latest version of Age of History 2 for Android here. If any users encounter any issues while using them, they can contact the developers using the correct platform.

Common questions
  1. Are we providing Age of History 2 Mod Apk?

    No, here we are providing original and official version of games app.

  2. Is it safe to install apps?

    Yes, the games we offer here are completely safe to install and play.

  3. Is it free to download?

    Yes, Apk file for games can be downloaded for free with one click option.

  4. Does the game support ads?

    No, the version we are supporting here is completely ad-free.

  5. Is Registration Required?

    Yes, to play it is necessary to register.

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