What is Organizational Chart definition/concept

An organization chart is used to graphically indicate the organizational structure of a company or institution. A faithful reflection of the organizational structure of a company is necessary and essential , as well as its hierarchical division, as in addition to being an extremely useful tool to show the “outside” of its disposition and its main functions, it will serve internally for the employees of the company or organization know their general characteristics as well as the place and function they will occupy on the board.

If we take into account the term, it can be said that it is composed of organization and grass, which means graph. Therefore, every organizational chart serves to represent the human reality of an entity and, at the same time, it is an administrative tool that allows organizing the various activities and functions to be performed.

in the business field

Organizational charts integrate the people who perform a specific function in each company, but generally include the responsibilities in a generic way and distributed among departments or divisions. From this scheme, an explanatory drawing is made that illustrates the hierarchy of a company and the relationships between the different levels of organization. Organizational Chart

According to its content, it can be distinguished between three classes of organization charts: analytical, supplementary and general.

The analytic is concrete and specific and its information is detailed and complete. The general, on the other hand, is characterized by presenting a simple vision of the organization so that each one can form a general idea, but obviously without neglecting or neglecting to refer to the most relevant information.

The supplementary is used as a follow-up to the analytical.

Usually a company’s organization chart has a simple format and, on the other hand, communicates the principles and values ​​of an entity.

The usefulness of this type of scheme is evident. On the one hand, it allows you to assign specific responsibilities. On the other hand, it facilitates coordination between different areas. This scheme also favors internal communication channels and control mechanisms. Organizational Chart

Most common types of organization charts

The vertical shows the hierarchy in the form of a pyramid from top to bottom. The horizontal shows the hierarchy from left to right. The mixed type is a combination of the previous two.

On certain occasions, these organizational schemes have a circular shape to indicate that the ultimate authority is at the center and around it is formed by concentric circles where other levels of responsibility appear in decreasing form.

The scalar organization chart appears in the form of bleed and the larger it is, the lower the authority of the designated position. The tabular type is similar to the scalar type, but lines appear that join the commands representing authority. Organizational Chart

On the other hand, some organizational charts emphasize information while others emphasize the company’s organizational analysis. Finally, there are general organization charts and others that are more detailed and specific.

In short, each organization chart works like a photograph of the different departments of a company. Organizational Chart

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