What is Bistro/meaning/concept/elaboration

In France there is a popular restaurant modality, the bistro. It is a small place where French cuisine products , drinks and coffee are served . In their origins, these establishments did not enjoy social prestige , as customers came from lower classes. However, in the 20th century, tourists began to visit them and over time they became fashionable places. In France, the expression “le bistrot du coin” is equivalent to the people’s bar or local cafe. Bistro

The origin of the word

Some terms are accompanied by some controversy regarding their etymological origin. This is what happens with the word bistro, of which there are two different versions. On the one hand, it is said that during the Russian invasion of French territory in 1815, Russian soldiers arrived at the restaurants in a great hurry and to be served they said bistro, which in Russian means fast. This version does not convince all French people, as they say that in reality this word is a colloquial term in the culinary language of Parisians. Bistro

Bistro and Brasserie are misused synonyms

In the United States and Europe these terms are used interchangeably. However, in France it has a very different meaning. In a bistro, you can enjoy French cuisine, especially wines and cheeses.

On the other hand, brasserie is a brewery, which also serves other alcoholic beverages. Originally, these establishments were located close to breweries and today they are large places with a wide range of products.

These establishments are likely to generate some confusion outside of France, as some brasseries also serve traditional foods. The bistro looks more like the typical Italian trattoria. Bistro

Another typically French place is the bar-tabac (they are small establishments where there is a counter that sells tobacco and coffee at the same time).

Other French terms in international cuisine

The Gallic country is the cradle of gastronomy. In this sense, the international culinary vocabulary incorporates many terms of French origin.

– In some luxury restaurants, meat to the point is called “a point”.

– Fully matured cheese is known as “affiné”.

– The quality classifications in foods originate from a denomination, “appellation d’origine controlee”.

– The popular method of cooking known as bain-marie comes from “bain-marie”.

Finally, it is noted that crepes, fondue and appetizers (apéritif) are also of Gallic origin. In Portuguese we use the expression “bom appetit”, which in its origin is French (bom appétit). Bistro

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