What is Aggressiveness/meaning/concept

Aggression is an attitude that tends to violence . It is a human behavior, since it is not right to talk about violence or aggressiveness in animals, as they act instinctively and through a fixed pattern of behavior.

The person who usually has this attitude is someone aggressive. We can present a series of characteristics that describe this type of behavior: energetic and derogatory language , threatening and defiant gestures, lack of respect for others, intolerance and irritability, in short, an opposite pattern of respect for others.

Aggressive behavior can be analyzed from two angles: psychological and social

Behavioral scholars try to understand how and why aggression exists. For some it is an instinctual element of the human being. For others, it’s something we acquire from a social model . There are no definitive conclusions that can explain the causes of aggressiveness, although there is agreement that this behavior is considered problematic. In this sense, aggressiveness has a pathological component that can even be associated with a personality disorder .

When analyzing aggressiveness from a social point of view, it also presents itself as a problem

There are several contexts of aggressive behavior: school bullyng; by radical groups ; in some sports activities; in relation to hazardous areas, among others. Aggression fits within any human scope and in some variables, from a moderate level to its maximum expression : war. In any case, aggressiveness always expresses a dose of violence.

In addition to aggressiveness, there are several academic disciplines that, either directly or indirectly, address this attitude: criminology, which studies the aggressive profile of crimes; law, which applies legal sanctions; and sociology that assesses the violent manifestations of society .

There are some ideological or religious issues that explicitly oppose aggressiveness: Buddhism, the Protestant religious movement, and pacifism. They all defend non-violent postures in a radical way, as they are aware that the slightest tolerance for aggression is potentially dangerous.

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