Words derived from BOOK with examples in detail

Derived words

Before showing you the list of words derived from BOOK, it is important that we pause for a moment on the concept of derivation to understand what this linguistic process consists of. The words derived allow the tongue to create new terms referring to other realities. By adding an affix to a primitive word you can create a new word, that is, a derivative. However, it is important to highlight something: even if it is a new word, it will be related to the word “mother”, the primitive one, therefore the meaning will be semantically related to it. Words derived from BOOK with examples

What are affixes?

We have just indicated that a derived word is one to which an affix is ​​added but … exactly what is an affix? It is a morpheme that is added to the word and that can be put in front of, behind or in the middle of the term.

  • Prefix : is when the derivative morpheme is added to the beginning of the word (example: a-teo )
  • Infix : the morpheme is added in the middle of the word (example: pan-ad-ero )
  • Suffix : the morpheme is added to the end of the word (example: cas-ita )

Thus, by adding any of these types of affixes, we are able to create a new term that helps us to express different realities. The way to create derived words is by inserting some of these derivative morphemes into the primitive word .

Characteristics of derived words

Here are a series of features that will help you better understand what derived words are:

  • A derived word can be re-derived, creating a large multitude of related terms that indicate slightly different realities. These words are known as “bi-derivative”.
  • Derivatives allow a language to enrich and thicken its lexical corpus without the need to invent new terms (neologisms) Words derived from BOOK with examples
  • The inclusion of affixes is essential to be able to derive a primitive word and create new terms related to each other.
  • Although they are different words, there is a strong semantic relationship between the words that are derived, thus creating the word families

11 words derived from BOOK

Let’s start talking about the words derived from BOOK since it is the lesson that in a PROFESSOR we wanted to attack. Once you have known clearly and concisely what the derivation consists of, we continue to give you a list of some terms that come from the BOOK word family.

In this case it is important that you know that the root of the word is “LIBR”, therefore, the affixes that are included to derive this term will be added to this part of the word which is the one that contains the semantic information. Here we leave you a complete list:

  1. Bookstore: the person whose profession is to sell books
  2. Bookstore: it is the place where you can buy or acquire books
  3. Notebook: it is an object similar to the book but that has blank pages to write
  4. Booklet: it is a term used to designate a small book or a notebook
  5. Libraco : can be used informally to talk about a great book
  6. Librejo : it is also part of the colloquial language and would refer to a simple book or that we did not finish liking Words derived from BOOK with examples
  7. Libreto : is the term used to talk about a script that, above all, has a place within the musical world
  8. Book holder : it is an object or utensil that is used to transport books
  9. Libracho : Usually used in colloquial language to talk about a book in a derogatory way
  10. Booklet : in this case the suffix “-ito” is usually added to indicate that it is a small book
  11. Librazo : it is a term that can be used to refer to a book that we liked or impacted a lot

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