What is Zen/concept/complete details

Buddhism as a religion has several branches and one of them is Zen Buddhism. It is considered to be the original Buddhism, as it is inspired by the direct teachings of the Buddha. In fact, when Buddha retired to meditate under a fig tree for forty-nine days, his physical posture adopted was in the form of Zen, that is, sitting cross-legged. In this sense, the word literally means sitting down to meditate.

Zen meditation

When we think about the idea of ​​meditating, the following scheme comes to mind : a subject meditating on something, an object . In the case of Zen meditation, it is another matter: the thinking subject and the thought object become a unity . This means that there is no dichotomy between subject and object, on the other hand, there is no classical distinction between good and bad, nor even any form of duality, as Zen meditation seeks transcendence or overcoming duality.

Zen meditation is based on mind control, body position, and slow breathing. As a result , the heart rate drops and brain activity decreases, leading to a state of inner peace.

The purpose of meditation

Zen meditation does not seek a concrete solution to a problem, but must be understood as a way of life. The human being performs four basic activities: eating, sleeping, working and having fun. When we incorporate Zen meditation into daily life, we become aware of each of our actions, in other words, it is about being aware of our own existence in order to live fully .

This meditation can be practiced individually or in groups, but what is really wanted is the search for oneself, that is, for self-knowledge

According to the teachings of Zen Buddhism, physical stillness brings us to a state of spiritual well-being and from there it is possible to make appropriate decisions about our own life.

Zen Buddhism is based on a general principle : our life is in our hands and what we are going to do with it depends on us. This idea or principle is not achieved in a mysterious way. A mental preparation process is needed or this process can be trained through the practice of Zen.

Finally, Zen meditation is the search for balance between body and mind. This proposal is eminently individualistic, but according to Zen Buddhism, society’s change must begin with itself.

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