What is Xenophobia/concept/elaboration

The word xenophobia literally means rejection or fear of a foreigner. As we all know, phobia is a form of fear that can be manifested through different ways, for example, phobia of flying, of open spaces, of heights, among other aversions.

Xenophobia as a mechanism of social exclusion

Historically, the figure of the foreigner has always been negatively evaluated, for example, in civilized Ancient Athens, people who came from abroad were considered second-class citizens. The stranger is seen with fear, because not known by the residents of the place and not even know his intentions. Something similar happened with the arrival of the first travelers to a little-visited place. In some countries with a tourist tradition, the arrival of these visitors caused some initial refusal (they brought money, but their customs were worrying). This unwelcoming form to foreigners is seen as a mild expression of xenophobia. However, xenophobia can take on more extreme characteristics, such as violence. with foreigners, hostile attitudes, as well as persecution.

Currently, the idea of ​​xenophobia is associated with intransigent and extremist postures. In any case, hating a person for being from another place (both past and present) highlights one issue: the foreigner can be socially valued as a danger. Wherever there are xenophobic behaviors, there are usually problems, so when you exclude a foreigner from work , consciously or not, you end up avoiding possible competition in the environment .

The danger of certain ideas

There are people who consider their culture , race, religion and customs, in a way, as better or superior to the rest of humanity. If this type of idea takes root in a society, it is logical that xenophobic attitudes appear. From a psychological point of view, it is difficult to put oneself in the place of a xenophobe, but it can be predicted that he will be a person full of moral prejudices and ideas of intolerance .

Some historical events assert that xenophobic ideas are dangerous and a source of conflict. Because of this, some national constitutions establish certain principles to combat xenophobia.

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